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Urgent condominium work: the Complete Guide

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Among the various arrangements of the common areas , urgent works in co-ownership have a special status. They are distinguished from the work of upgrading and maintenance and conservation of common areas by the exemption of prior agreement of the co-owners.

What works is it?

We speak of "urgent joint ownership work" for the work necessary to safeguard the building, concerning all the owners. Concretely, this brings together in particular:
  • Repair or replacement of a collective boiler
  • Work undertaken to deal with a heating problem in the middle of winter
  • Repairing the waterproofing of a flat roof
  • Repairing a collapsing or collapsing separation wall
  • Repairing a leaking pipe
  • Repairing a roof that has suffered significant damage

Execution of work in stages

For urgent work, the important thing is to act quickly: the co-ownership property manager is therefore required to launch the execution of the work on his own initiative, without having to resort to a vote at a general meeting . It is therefore up to the property manager to judge the urgency and to take responsibility for the work.
He must then inform the owners and residents of the execution of the work by email, letter and / or posting or notice.
Then, he is obliged to convene an extraordinary general meeting as soon as possible, for a posteriori validation by majority vote applicable of the estimate of the work undertaken.

The financing of urgent work in co-ownership

The property manager then directly incurs the costs of the work, without prior agreement from the co-owners. He can then request a payment of provisions from the co-owner without a vote at the meeting: this cannot be greater than a third of the amount of the estimate or of the sum of the estimated estimates for the work.
The trustee may request additional supplies during the exceptional general meeting convened at his request.
In the event of a disagreement between the co-owners on the sums committed, they can turn against the trustee and take legal action: he remains responsible.

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