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Co-ownership: all about the DTG (Global Technical Diagnosis)


The Global Technical Diagnosis, also called DTG, is a tool reserved for co-owners. Set up a little over a year ago, it allows the co-ownership to be managed more calmly. Here is all the information you need to know on the subject.

A preliminary point on the Works Fund

The Global Technical Diagnosis concerns buildings fully or partially occupied by dwellings and falling under the status of co-ownership. The DTG is part of the measures relating to the works fund. Indeed, the co-owners are required to pay an annual contribution individually to constitute a works fund - just as they are required to fund the estimated budget.
This works fund cannot represent less than 5% of the estimated budget: its precise amount is set at a General Assembly . It must be paid into a separate account in the name of the Syndicate of co-owners.
This works fund aims to anticipate the repair work of the property: facade, common areas , painting, stairs, elevator etc. On the proposal of one of the members, the fund can be used to start a specific project.
Good to know: the contributions paid for the Works Fund, even if they are not used at time T, cannot be reimbursed following the sale of the asset.

What is DTG?

When deciding on the co-ownership work to be carried out, and therefore on how to use the capital pooled together, only the (often limited) experience of the co-owners prevails. Some people will, for example, deem it necessary to prioritize facade work when a renovation of the elevator is proving much more urgent. Others may wish to re-paint common areas when structural moisture issues should be addressed first.
The co-ownership can thus call on an independent professional to carry out a Global Technical Diagnosis of the building.
Good to know: the professional in question must master, in addition to the skills specific to the sector (construction, housing etc.), the laws and practices of co-ownership as well as its modes of financing in order to be able to advise the latter as best as possible.

The content of a Global Technical Diagnosis

The professional submits a report to the Syndicate listing the work to be programmed over the next ten years as well as their estimated cost (for information purposes). He is also able to request and direct specific diagnoses from other professionals if he considers it necessary.

What are the advantages of DTG?

Its main advantage is that it offers the possibility of planning the work over the long term and therefore of spreading their funding rather than making large-scale fundraising ad hoc.

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