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Wood stove: Buyer's Guide

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By burning wood or by-products, wood stoves are among the most ecological systems. With logs, pellets, convection, hydraulic ... each specificity to its advantage.

Wood or pellet

Log stoves work like a simple fireplace, to which different techniques are combined to make it more efficient. Manually powered, the log stove quickly rises in heat, diffused just as quickly.
Pellet stoves heat by combustion of pellets or "pellets", which come from compressed sawdust. Stored in a tank, they can supply the system in a completely automated way, unlike the log stove: maintenance is therefore much easier, and less restrictive.
The heat of the pellet stove will be softer, more constant, for a longer duration.

The classic wood stove and the mass stove

Among the log stoves, there is the most classic stove, and the mass stove.
In cast iron or steel, the classic stove plays on the inertia of the material to heat a room, from logs simply placed in the hearth. It heats up quickly, and a lot: with a heat that you cannot really modulate, it is not suitable for large surfaces. Not very efficient over time, it is reserved for auxiliary heating.
On the principle of conventional stoves, inertia stoves also have a coating which makes them much more efficient.
On the contrary, mass stoves make it possible to store as much heat as possible and then release it by radiation. Very bulky, it is built into the very structure of the house, in masonry, and can heat the whole house.

Pellet stoves

There are four types of pellet stoves:
  • The stove by natural convection creates air circulation in the room to warm it. It is effective for small rooms.
  • With ventilation, the stove provides more even heat in the room. Electrically powered, it is noisier and suitable for larger rooms.
  • The ductable stove allows it to heat several rooms: it blows hot air through a network of ducts. Depending on the number of rooms, it can sometimes provide all the central heating.

While it heats the room, the hydraulic stove also heats a reserve of water which will circulate throughout the house.

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