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Information about cookies

Cookies policy

Finance Studio is particularly attentive to your expectations and we wish to preserve the trust you place in us. Regarding the personal data that you entrust to us, we inform you in a transparent manner about our policy regarding the deposit and use of cookies from our Site "artists-studio.com" to your connection terminal.

1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are placed and stored on your computer, smartphone or other Internet-optimized device when you visit a website. Very useful, cookies allow a website to recognize you, to report your visit to a particular page and thus provide you with an additional service: improving your browsing comfort, securing your connection or adapting the content of a page to your interests.

The information stored by cookies, for a limited period of validity, relates in particular to the pages visited, the advertisements on which you have clicked, the type of browser you use, your IP address, the information you have entered on a site. so you don't have to enter them again.

The period of validity of cookies deposited by Finance Studio is thirteen months maximum. When you log on to our Site for the first time and then every thirteen months, an information banner is displayed to inform you of the use of cookies on our Site and how to oppose it.

Subject to your choices, the cookies we issue are used for the purposes described below.

2. What types of cookies are placed by our Site?

  • Technical / operational cookies:

This type of cookies is placed on the Site.

These cookies guarantee the functioning of the Site and allow its optimization. These are:

- Cookies intended to secure your connection: The Site does not currently use this type of cookies

- Cookies allowing to:

o memorize the information provided from one page to another;

o memorize your usage preferences, display settings and readers that you use in order to facilitate your navigation during your next visit to our Site.

The period of validity of cookies deposited by Finance Studio is thirteen months maximum.

  • Audience and statistical cookies:

This type of cookies is placed on the Site.

In order to adapt our Site to the requests of our visitors, we measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed as well as the activity of visitors to our Site and their frequency of return. These cookies are used to establish traffic analysis statistics from which the content of our Site is improved according to the success of a particular page with our visitors.

The period of validity of cookies deposited by Finance Studio is thirteen months maximum.

  • Tracking cookies (audience cookies and non-anonymous statistics, personalized advertising):

This type of cookies is placed on the Site.

These cookies allow you to better understand your areas of interest, in particular thanks to your visit to our Site, and to send you personalized advertising tailored to your expectations.

The period of validity of cookies deposited by Finance Studio is thirteen months maximum.

When you first connect to our Site and then every thirteen months, an information banner is displayed to inform you of the use of cookies on our Site. A link to our cookie setting tool, accessible at any time (see 3.1) is offered in this banner.

Warning :

  • Our Site may contain cookies issued by third parties (audience measurement companies, targeted advertising providers, etc.). These cookies allow these third parties to compile statistics and provide you with targeted advertising when you browse other sites. The use of these cookies is subject to the privacy policies of these third parties. The settings that you can make through your browser take these cookies into account. This type of cookies is placed on the Site.

    • Advertisements for our Site may be served on advertising spaces of third party sites. These advertisements are distributed by Finance Studio partners. These partners control the cookies issued from these advertising spaces. Finance Studio is not responsible for the purpose and the lifespan of these third-party cookies and we invite you to read the policy of these partners (if applicable, by clicking on the "I" tab for "information" present on the advertising content concerned).

      • Our Site is likely to contain elements from third parties (application buttons from social networks) which allow you to share content from our Site with other people or to express your opinion. These include the “Share”, “Like”, “g + 1”, “Tweet” buttons from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. As soon as you are connected on your terminal to the social network (s) concerned, such application buttons are able to identify you, even if you do not use them when you consult our Site. . In addition, if you interact with these buttons while you are connected to this social network (s), for example by clicking on the "like" button or leaving a comment, them corresponding information will be transmitted to the social network and published on your profile. We invite you to consult the privacy protection policies of these social networks in order to be aware of the purposes of use, in particular advertising, of the browsing information that they can collect using these application buttons. If you do not want the social network to identify you or link the information collected through our Site to your user account, you must first disconnect from the social network. Through our settings tool, you can also choose to disable cookies from these social networks which allow you to interact with the social network buttons on our Site. This type of cookie is not placed on the Site.

        3. How do I configure my choices?

        You have several means to configure your choices in terms of cookie management at any time.

        3.1 Our Site provides you with a tool for configuring cookies. This can be accessed by clicking on this link: "modify the settings" . This link is also offered to you in the information banner that is displayed on our Site when you first connect and then every thirteen months from this first connection. Our tool allows configuration by category of cookies. The settings saved in this tool can be modified at any time.

        3.2 You can also configure the setting of cookies through your Internet browser. The settings made in this way can also be modified at any time.

        Depending on the type of browser, you have the following options: accept or reject cookies of any origin or from a given origin or even schedule the display of a message asking for your consent each time a cookie is placed on your terminal. To express or reconsider your choices, refer to the help menu or to the dedicated section of your browser. For exemple :

        For mobile devices, you can see the following links:

        We draw your attention to the fact that cookies improve your browsing comfort on our Site and allow you to access certain secure areas (secure customer area, customer account or other). If you decide to block all cookies through your internet browser, you will only be able to visit the public part of our Site.

        Depending on the type of your browser, you can also activate private browsing mode or the "Do Not Track" setting of your browser.

        For a better knowledge and control of cookies of any origin and not only those of our Site present on your connection terminal, we invite you to consult the Youronlinechoices site, published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France (IAB).

        Warning :

        • The recording of the settings of our tool is based on a cookie. Therefore, deleting all cookies stored in your terminal through your browser will result in the deletion of the settings made.

        • Preventing cookies from being placed on your device does not make the advertisements displayed on the content you consult online disappear. Your refusal only blocks the adaptation of these advertisements to your centers of interest as deduced from your navigation route.
        • If your terminal is used by several people or has several Internet browsers, your choices regarding cookies may not be taken into account permanently, either because you have used another browser, or because a third party has changed your browser settings. We are not in a position to prevent these external elements and nor to guarantee the sustainability of the choices you initially expressed.
        • If you use different terminals to access our Site (smartphone, tablet, computer etc.), your preferences must be configured on each of them.

        Permission to access

        In accordance with the regulations, you have the right to access data concerning you. You can exercise this under the conditions provided in our Information Notice on the use of personal data

        Updated July 3, 2019