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Mixed wood and pellet stove: Installation, Advantages, Tips

Between the beauty of a good outbreak and autonomy, you won't have to choose. Also called a “multi-fuel stove”, the combi stove combines all the advantages of wood and pellets, the two most ecological fuels on the market.

Two technologies in one

The multi-fuel stove works like a conventional stove: logs or pellets, the fuel burns in a single hearth which is associated with an air intake system to ensure good circulation of hot air.
It is therefore possible to operate it manually with simple logs, or in an automated manner with granules or "pellets", made up of compressed sawdust.
With double combustion, or "post-combustion", the stove can also burn the residues of the smoke in a secondary fireplace.
With associated Turbo technology, two air inlets for a single fireplace allow the temperature to rise faster, but burn more fuel.

The advantages of the combi stove

The combi stove works with two fully renewable biofuels, the most ecological on the market.
From an economic point of view, the two fuels are the most economical on the market, and the combi stove is very profitable over time.
On a daily basis, the combi stove has the advantage of combining comfort, aesthetics and simplicity: do you want a good outbreak that heats up quickly? Place a few logs in the fireplace to warm the mood. For even and constant heat day and night, without having to worry about reloading the stove, switch to "pellet" mode.
You will be able to adapt your consumption to your needs, especially if your stove is equipped with a programmer that will allow you to automate the switch from one fuel to the other, to program the temperatures, etc.

Installation of a combi stove

The combi stove can be installed in one of the main rooms of the house: it is better to provide plenty of space, for the stove itself which is often bulky, as well as for the storage of pellets and logs nearby.
Without involving major work in itself, the combi stove requires above all the installation of a regulatory duct, suitable for two fuels, for air circulation and smoke evacuation.
It may be necessary to provide for the installation of a CMV - Controlled mechanical ventilation - to ensure good ventilation of the room in which the stove will be located, to ensure good circulation of hot air.


For optimal performance with the best comfort, choose the power of your stove according to the surface to be heated: with too large an area, it will tend to overconsume, and for a too small area, it will tend to burn. foul.

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