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Aluminum Window: Installation, Features and Benefits

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Robust, aesthetic, insulating, aluminum windows are among the first choices of renovation or construction projects: instead of old wooden windows, on an already existing structure, or adapted to contemporary architecture, they can be installed anywhere !

Features and benefits of aluminum windows

Both the fixed frame and the casements of an aluminum window are made entirely of aluminum profiles: Robust, they can integrate several layers of glazing, of different thicknesses. Burglar-proof glazing, glazing with sound insulation … they are all compatible with an aluminum window.
Solid, the studs can be much thinner than other windows and let in more light.
If aluminum windows are a little less efficient than wood for insulation, they nevertheless retain good thermal and sound performance, sufficient in most climates.
For colder climates, it is advisable to choose aluminum windows with thermal break: to limit temperature exchanges in an aluminum structure, which is therefore very conductive, a non-conductive material is inserted in the two frames. Combined with insulating glazing, the performance will be optimal.
Very aesthetic, they fit into any interior and come in several colors.
Largely more durable than other materials, the aluminum window does not require any maintenance, and is one of the most ecological solutions, with wood: aluminum is easily recycled.

The installation of an aluminum window on an old frame

In renovation, you can install an aluminum window on an old wooden frame. In this case, the old frame must be well prepared before installation:
  • First, check that it is securely hooked to the masonry to support the weight of the new aluminum window.
  • Brush the frame, rid it of dust, splinters or paint chips, remove all hardware and plug the vents. This may also be an opportunity to treat the frame with a fungicide or an insecticide.
  • Ensure a good seal by placing a silicone gasket between the frame and the masonry
  • Then nail wooden cleats in the rebate of the old frame, to fill it.
You can then prepare the new window: Place marks on your future fixing points, first 20 cm from the ends, then 60 cm from the first point. The holes should not be more than 60 cm apart. Drill.
Then place 5 cm shims on the lower part of the old frame to properly position the frame of the new window. Start screwing from the top, on each side, then, before fixing the lower part, adjust the alignment of the opening leaves.
Insulate as best as possible, by inserting foam backing between the old and the new frame, on the outside of the window. Then install the special silicone sealant for the exterior, before doing the same operation on the interior.

Finally, place the aluminum exterior cladding profiles on the old frame, leaving a ventilation space on the lower part. Inside, the trim profiles clip easily.

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