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PVC Window: Installation, Features and Benefits

PVC is the most widely used material in window manufacturing: inexpensive, PVC windows have a lot of advantages and are easy to install, in renovation and in construction.

The advantages of a PVC window

A PVC window is made entirely of PVC plastic - polyvinyl chloride - with the exception of the glazing. In the form of opaque white plastic, it is an inexpensive, rot-proof, robust, and recyclable material.
More economical than wooden or aluminum windows, PVC windows have excellent thermal and sound insulation performance. In the long term, they are perfectly resistant to bad weather as well as to sunlight, so they remain perfectly waterproof for the long term. They do not deform and their color changes little over the long term.
They also provide excellent protection against break-ins.
All glazing can be installed: thermal double glazing such as soundproofing, burglar-proof glazing, triple glazing, etc.
In everyday life, unlike wood windows, they do not require any maintenance. They are easily cleaned with soap and water.
If their aesthetic aspect is often criticized, they adapt more and more to all interiors by being more discreet, thanks to different ranges of colors. Very modular, they can be custom designed to adapt to all projects and all forms of opening. However, they are not recommended for very large openings.

To install a PVC window

Often chosen for renovations, PVC windows are easy to install and can be installed over the old window frame. If this is the case, before installing your window, make sure that the old frame is securely hung on the wall, and clean it with a brush to avoid any roughness. Also remember to unscrew all the old hardware. Plug the drain holes.
The insulation of the old frame may need to be revised, applying a new silicone gasket to the outside of the window.
Start by laying strips of expanding sealant all around the frame - on the masonry or on the old joinery - where the window will be fixed.
For easier handling, remove the casements of the window to be installed. Then locate the fixing points, before placing the fixing brackets on the fixed frame to be installed in the following order:
  • 15 cm from the top
  • 15 cm from the bottom,
  • The other equidistant and symmetrical pasta
Then fix the frame to the wall. Install the good in line with your opening, possibly helping you with shims. When your spirit level confirms that everything is level, secure the pastes with a screwdriver, using dowels suitable for masonry.
On the outside, install the backing strip between the old and the new frame, then cover with silicone gasket.
Then replace the openings, the handle and the cover, finally fit the exterior and interior trim profiles.

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