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Timber Window: Installation, Features and Benefits

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A forgotten time, wooden windows are now making a big comeback in renovation and construction. With a noble and traditional material, they are the choice of quality, aesthetics, and respect for the environment.

Why install a wooden window

All the old doorframes were once made of wood. With the arrival of new materials and new technologies, wooden windows have often been replaced by PVC or aluminum, reputed to be stronger, more durable, and more insulating.
Today, wood is making a comeback, for its advantages.
It is an excellent thermal and sound insulator, especially if the wooden windows are made of high-performance double or triple glazing. The new windows are more resistant to water and air, for greater durability. They do not deform.
Well treated against humidity and insects, wooden windows last over time.
They can be stained, varnished, or even painted. The wooden window is a real aesthetic choice: elegant, it adapts to all styles of home, and to all tastes. If it is often chosen for renovations of old houses identically, it takes a beautiful place in new, in contemporary homes.
Finally, the wooden window is above all an ecological choice. Its material is 100% recyclable, and its treatments are less and less harmful to the environment. For an even greener choice, opt for PEFC - Pan African Forest Certification - certified windows, for sources from sustainably managed forests, and FCS - Forest Stewardship Council - for sustainable management, respect for indigenous populations and workers' rights.

TIP: All the advantages of wood and aluminum

Mixed wood-aluminum windows combine all the advantages of both materials: inside, wood offers aesthetics and insulation, outside, aluminum offers resistance, ease of maintenance and durability .

How to install a wooden window?

The installation of a wooden window can be carried out directly on the masonry, or during renovation, on the fixed frame of the old wooden window. In this case, to properly prepare the installation, start by checking that the old frame is securely fixed to the masonry, and if necessary, review the insulation: if necessary, install a new silicone seal between the frame and the masonry.
Brush the old frame and clean it to avoid dust and roughness. Recap the water drainage holes, and remove the old hardware. You may need to fix cleats of the right size to fill in the rebates, to ensure the proper fixing of your future window.
Then prepare the new frame: remove the openings, then place an expanded gasket on the inner lathe, after having freed it from dust for better adhesion.
Then mark the fixing points, 15 cm from the top, 15 cm from the bottom, and equidistant along the length. Place the fixed frame in the opening, and for perfect compatibility, use shims to fix it.
Then install the opening and the handle. Finish by installing a foam seal between the two frames, to be covered with a silicone seal, on the outside of the window.

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