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Roof Window: Installation, Features and Benefits

The roof window is installed in the roof to provide maximum light. There are different models, suitable for all your projects: before embarking on the installation of a Velux window, choose your model carefully!

To choose well, the different types of roof windows

The roof window is installed directly into the roof, usually in the slope of the roof. From simple windows to large bay windows, there are many types of roof windows:
  • For flat roofs, we will speak more of a "skylight".
  • For maximum light, there are flat or corner canopies.
  • To enjoy the great outdoors, there are balcony-type windows.
The most classic roof window is the snuffbox, which opens by simple projection, from below or by rotation, from above.
More suited to gentle slopes, between 15 ° and 55 °, the projection opening offers a panoramic view. The rotary opening is suitable for steeper slopes, up to 90 °, and remains safer and easier to handle.
Size, materials, opening ... not all roof windows are created equal, and you will have to adapt your choices to your projects: your light and insulation needs will not be the same in an attic as for a bedroom or an office fitted out under the roof. In an attic development project, your roof windows should provide you with maximum light but also reinforced insulation.

Before starting, the conditions to be respected

Before installation, you will need to submit a prior declaration of work if you are in a protected area or if your project changes the exterior appearance of your house, in the event that your future windows are not identical.
The declaration makes it possible to verify that your project is indeed compatible with the town planning rules of your municipality, as well as with the rules of vis-à-vis. The regulatory distances are:
  • In direct view, 1.90 m minimum between the outside of the window and the border of the neighboring property
  • In oblique view, 0.60 m minimum between the outside of the window and the border of the neighboring property
For your comfort and safety, a few tips should be known. Choose the size of your windows and their location depending on the light they need to bring to the room: bedroom, office, living room, etc.
It is advisable to place the top of the window at a height of 1.85 cm, or not exceeding 2.20 m from the ground. For added safety, the bottom of the window should not be less than 1.10 m from the ground.
Today, roof windows are compatible with almost all framing and roofing materials. Whether the installation is carried out by a professional or by an individual, it remains easy and does not involve heavy work.

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