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Swimming pool construction: the different stages

swimming pool guide sulu
The construction of an in-ground swimming pool must go through a few essential steps, whether you have chosen a shell structure, concrete block or concrete. Before you get started, you may need to apply for a building permit, and of course you will have already determined the ideal location. It's your turn !


It is a question of marking out with precision the exact location of the swimming pool, using stakes and ropes. Tracing is also an opportunity to check that no water table is located where you are going to dig.


Once the layout has been established and verified, the earthwork can begin: the earth is dug with a construction machine, in accordance with the layout and with the appropriate depth. It is essential to also provide a margin of about 1 meter to facilitate the passage of cables and related work.
The earth must be evacuated as it goes, and a good part is kept for the backfilling stage.
The bottom is then stabilized.

The draining

To ensure the stability of the construction, it is then necessary to set up a drainage system for rainwater and runoff. This must be adapted to the quality of the soil. Most often, a layer of gravel is installed on a geotextile canvas.

The installation of the structure

It is time to build the foundations of the basin, depending on the structure you have chosen: masonry, concrete pouring, laying of the hull ... Parts such as skimmers and discharge nozzles must be sealed, such as lighting, outlet brooms, swimming against the tide ...

Installation of connections and pipes

It is then necessary to install the filtration systems, electric cables, water circulation pipes in the trenches planned during the earthworks phase.


This step is also essential to stabilize the pool properly: it involves filling in the trenches and holes all around the pool, with the earth from the earthworks, and possibly gravel to ensure good drainage. Sometimes, when the trenches are very wide, professionals pour concrete in them.

Laying the coating

Once the structure of the swimming pool and its future operation are well assured, you can install the waterproofing coating, that is to say the tiling, the liner, the reinforced membrane, the plaster ...

Finishes and watering

If you are installing a liner, you will need to quickly fill it with water to prevent the membrane from moving. Watering can even begin during the installation of the liner to facilitate the adhesion of the liner, the evacuation of air bubbles and smoothing. Then check the correct position of the liner throughout the filling.
Depending on the size of the pelvis, the operation can take a long time.
Then install the finishes that will make swimming more pleasant: coping, terrace… And don't forget the security system!

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swimming pool guide sulu

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