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Kitchen kit VS custom-made kitchen: How to make the right choice?

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Original or discreet, inexpensive or very elegant, small size or living space… we do not all have the same criteria in choosing our cuisine. Among the advantages of kit and tailor-made solutions, discover the solution best suited to your project.

The differences between kit kitchens and custom kitchens

Kit kitchens are kitchens made up of already designed furniture, which we buy ready to assemble. Most of the time, once purchased, all that remains is to assemble the piece of furniture itself, then put it in the kitchen unit. It is possible to do it yourself or to bring in a professional.
On the contrary, a tailor-made kitchen has been designed by a professional according to your project. Materials, layout, functionalities… everything can be thought out and adapted. The made-to-measure kitchen can also integrate standard elements.
Large brands or interior designer kitchen, industrial manufacturing or local craftsmen ... there are many providers on the market, for many solutions: compare before getting started!

The advantages of the kitchen kit

Quickly available, easy to install, inexpensive ... the kitchen kit is often acclaimed for its simplicity and efficiency.

The many brands present a variety of models, for all tastes and styles. Once chosen, the model is most often available immediately, on site or with relatively short delivery times.

With less adaptability than a custom-made kitchen, the kit kitchen remains easily adaptable to classic surfaces and the variety of the offer allows good modularity. Easy to assemble without the intervention of a professional, the furniture even supports, sometimes, some DIY customization.

TIP: Take proper measurements of your kitchen

Before ordering your kitchen kit, it is essential to take good measures. Niches, stalls, location of piping, cables and electrical outlets ... the dimensions must be taken to the nearest millimeter.
In general, for two equivalent models, a kit kitchen remains less expensive than a custom kitchen. However, the overall cost depends on the number of elements, the materials chosen, the intervention of a professional for the measurement, delivery, installation ...

The advantages of tailor-made cooking

With maximum adaptability and customization, the tailor-made kitchen is the solution for atypical spaces and 100% original projects.
From design to installation, a made-to-measure kitchen is a solution that has the added benefit of safety. From the design stage, the kitchen designer will advise and guide you in your choices, and the installation is fully supported by the service provider.
Between the decision-making and the end of the installation of the custom-made kitchen, it will therefore take more time than with a kit kitchen.
In general, it will also be necessary to plan a budget a little higher than for a kitchen kit. However, do not hesitate to discuss your budget with your kitchen designer, who can then offer you solutions that meet your budget.

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