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Arrange your balcony well for the summer

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Arrange your balcony to soak up the sun this summer, while installing a new relaxation area at home. But before you start, stock up on practical and legal advice.

What does the law say about the arrangement of balconies?

To be able to proceed with the installation of exterior blinds, it is essential to obtain the authorization of the condominium in advance. The same goes for any structures that might overflow beyond your balcony. However, it is forbidden to grow climbing plants on your facade or to place planters on the outside of your railing. The law also stipulates that the tenant must return the balcony in its original state in case of rental.

Sustainably fit out your balcony in just 3 steps.

Here is a practical guide which will allow you to make an overview of the 3 most important points to take into account when fitting out your balcony:

1. Choose your soil

There are several types of coverings possible for your balcony floor, like wooden deck boards, which are mostly pine. They have the advantage of screwing on easily and having a rustic charm, but they need to be maintained regularly with a special wood oil.

As for them, the clip-on tiles are installed even more easily thanks to their interlocking system. They can be made of a variety of materials, ranging from rigid plastic to natural stones. Their advantage is that they do not require any special maintenance when they are not made of wood.

Finally, it is also possible to install a roll of fake grass to give the appearance of hanging gardens to your balcony.

2. Adapt your plants

Depending on the architecture and positioning of your balcony, you will need to adapt your choice of plants. Indeed, some plants need sun, while others grow better in the shade. To prevent your plants from wasting away, place them so that small ones are always in the shade of shrubs with large leaves. To free yourself from watering, install a timer equipped with a drip that will give your plants what they need of water. Remember to choose your plants according to the climate in your area.

3. Think about furniture

To respect the safety standards of your balcony, it is important not to overload it with furniture at the risk of weakening the structure. The surface of a balcony can accommodate a load of up to 350 kg per m² according to modern standards. It is for this reason that it is advisable to opt for furniture made of lightweight materials.

Since it is both an outdoor and an indoor space, your balcony can be decorated in many ways to improve the user-friendliness and comfort: deckchairs for reading in the sun, additional storage shelves , mattress for sunbathing ... your imagination is the only limit to your arrangement.

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