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The different types of swimming pool: the Complete Guide

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A lagoon with turquoise waters for lazing around , a long swimming lane for athletes, a secure pool for children ... do you dream of a swimming pool in your garden? Find the solution that suits you.

Inground pools

In-ground pools are the most classic pools. Installed in dug ground, they offer many specificities. They can be tailor-made, for all tastes and according to the constraints of the field, or as a kit.
For a tailor-made construction, two techniques are favored:
  • The basin is made of concrete, directly built in the dug space. This allows the construction of a 100% tailor-made swimming pool, with a variety of finishes: paint, resin, tiles and mosaics ...
  • Concrete blocks, covered with a liner, a waterproof layer of PVC in different colors and made to measure. This technique is not compatible with all shapes, but the liner can be easily changed in the event of a leak.
For a swimming pool without constraint of shape or specific measures, it is possible to install a polyester shell manufactured in the factory directly in the dug hole. The method is simple, but you have to allow space for easy access during delivery, and the installation is a little more delicate.
There are also modular panel kits for in-ground and semi-in-ground swimming pools: panels in steel, reinforced concrete, aluminum or resin are installed and then covered with liner.
Among the inground pools are infinity pools. Elegant, they seem to “overflow” into the landscape thanks to a chute system without rims. The surface of the water is at the same level as the beach, for a mirror effect. For the flow, you can opt for a waterfall or invisible effect.
Of high standing, the infinity pool has a more complex operating system, and its construction imposes more constraints.

Above-ground and semi-in-ground swimming pools

If in-ground swimming pools are suitable for all projects, above-ground and semi-in-ground swimming pools have the advantage of their simplicity. They do not require any prior earthwork, and they adapt to land that cannot be dug.
Easy to assemble, above ground pools should be placed on level ground, not on a slope. They can be kit, tubular, wooden or steel, or inflatable or self-supporting, less durable but even easier to assemble and disassemble.
Semi-inground swimming pools have the advantage of being able to be installed on sloping ground. With the same construction techniques as in-ground pools, they have the advantage of safety, like above-ground pools.

Natural or organic swimming pools

With a very specific operation, the biological swimming pool is a category apart. 100% ecological, its water is pure without undergoing treatment. However, it represents a delicate balance, to be respected from installation to maintenance. To function well, it is made up of:
  • From the bathing area, equipped with filters
  • A planting or "lagoon" area, where plants, algae and micro-organisms purify the water by natural filtration
  • Optionally, a regeneration zone, with a cascade to oxygenate the water.
Your pool will also have its inhabitants: frogs, insects, larvae ...

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