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Floor insulation: the complete guide

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To improve your daily comfort and to limit the problems associated with humidity, good floor insulation must adapt to all the specificities of your project: renovation, construction, building structure, materials used ... what is the best solution ?

Why insulate floors?

For a multi-storey or single-storey building, good floor insulation is essential both thermally and acoustically. It also plays a major role in the general condition of the construction.
In contact with the outside, the floor of a building is one of its weak points: In winter, it cools the indoor air, and in summer heats it. It transmits so-called “solidarity” noises, ie noises transmitted by vibrations: road traffic, underground transport networks, etc.
The challenge of good floor insulation is therefore to limit energy loss such as noise pollution. It must also limit the rise in humidity: by capillarity, humidity naturally rises in the floor of the building, causing degradation of materials, stains and mold. The importance of the phenomenon varies according to the constructions and the materials: to properly insulate your house in renovation as in construction, it will be necessary to take into account its structure and the specificity of its materials.

Floor insulation under construction

In general, for a house already built or for a construction project, a cellar or a crawl space are a significant advantage, especially from a humidity point of view: they limit the rise of humidity. .
In construction, choose the well-ventilated crawl space solution, with a height of about 30 cm.
If you are building on an embankment, the insulation solutions are:
  • The embankment slab: the insulation is placed directly on the ground, then covered by a concrete slab
  • The floating slab: the insulation is an intermediate layer between two slabs
  • The installation of hulls or "interjoists", by insulating - polystyrene, wood ... - between concrete joists

In renovation, the insulation of the floor from below

If your house has an accessible cellar or crawl space, you can insulate your floor from below by installing the insulation through the ceiling. You can then glue or target rigid insulating panels in polyurethane, extruded polystyrene, rock wool or glass wool, etc.

In renovation, the insulation over

When you cannot access the crawl space ceiling or your house is built on a median, it is also possible to place the insulation under the floor, in strips or plates to be placed under the floorboards, or by the installation of an insulation directly on the concrete slab, covered with a screed then the coating - tiling, carpet ...
If we can say that the best floor insulation solutions are the construction of a well-insulated crawl space, the other solutions remain very effective, and above all, know how to adapt to your project.

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