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Electric boiler: Operation, Benefits, Installation and Maintenance

100% safe, 100% efficient, easy-going… the electric boiler is preferred in priority by small surfaces.

How the electric boiler works: what makes it different

Unlike gas, oil or wood-fired boilers, the electric boiler does not work on a combustion principle: no material is burned, but submerged electrical resistances themselves heat the water which will then circulate in the network.
Hot water rises, while cold water falls: using a pressure valve, the water circulates in a completely closed circuit.
In general, electric boilers supply the home heating network - radiators, underfloor heating, etc. - and the sanitary water network - bathroom, kitchen, etc. -. If your boiler is not mixed, its power will be lower and you will need to connect an electric or thermodynamic water heater to it for sanitary water.
More specifically, the ionic electric boiler itself heats the water - or the coolant - by electrolysis. In this case, an anode and a cathode ensure the electrolysis of the demineralized water or of the aqueous solution contained in a primary circuit, and the heat resulting from this ionization is transmitted to the second circuit, the general circuit of the home.

Safe, efficient, with comfortable heat ... the advantages of the electric boiler

Easy to install, with no particular constraints in its use, the electric boiler is much safer than other heating systems: it does not emit smoke or CO². There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, unlike gas boilers.
If its energy has a certain cost to use, the cost of purchase and installation is lower compared to wood, gas or oil boilers.
Very energy-intensive, its profitability remains total, with excellent thermal efficiency: in a closed circuit, it experiences no loss of energy when producing its heat.
Finally, its warmth is soft and comfortable. As soon as it is started, it heats up quickly.

Install and maintain your electric boiler

You can install your electric boiler very easily, in an old building as in a new one. It simply needs to be connected to the central heating system as well as to the electric meter.
As there is no discharge of fumes or gases, the installation of exhaust ducts is not necessary.
An electric boiler is installed everywhere. For a small room, prefer a wall installation, with a smaller footprint. Bathroom, attic, kitchen… you can even make it discreet by installing it in a closet: however, make sure you keep easy access.
In general, floor-standing boilers are more powerful, but also more cumbersome.
On a daily basis, your electric boiler will be easy to live with. You will not have to refuel it, and, unlike fuel-fired heating systems, you will not have any obligation for maintenance and annual verification by a certified professional.
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