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Condensing boiler: Operation, Benefits, Installation and Maintenance

Since September 2018, boiler manufacturers have been obliged to produce only systems with high energy performance: the condensing boiler will soon replace conventional gas boilers! Zoom on a boiler of the future.

Operation: Like a classic boiler ...

The condensing boiler is a type of gas , oil or wood boiler, which works like a conventional boiler. By burning, the fuel creates heat, which will be transmitted to the water network - or coolant - of the central heating and to the domestic water circuit. It can be mixed, if it heats the two circuits.
On the other hand, while the conventional boiler evacuates the vapors and fumes resulting from combustion, the condensing boiler cools the fumes and water vapor to recover all the thermal energy.
In addition to the energy directly resulting from the combustion, the so-called “latent” energy is added, itself transmitted to the water in the circuit.
The conventional boiler will therefore “lose” this energy, while the condensing boiler will use it, in addition to the combustion energy.

… With something more! : The advantages of the condensing boiler

The condensing boiler therefore leaves no energy left behind! It optimizes combustion as a whole and limits heat loss as much as possible.
It thus makes it possible to achieve significant energy savings compared to a conventional boiler.
Even if it is a little more expensive to buy, it is therefore more economical to use.
It is also more ecological, especially if it runs on town gas, propane, butane or fuel oil: It limits its fuel consumption, it uses less fossil energy.

Installation, use and maintenance of the condensing boiler

The conditions for installing your next condensing boiler depend mainly on the fuel it uses, namely wood, town gas, propane or butane, and fuel oil.
It can be connected to town gas, and, failing that, must be connected to a storage system - tank or silo, for its supply.
In general, a room should be large enough to accommodate the entire system, and well ventilated.
The exhaust ducts must meet specific safety requirements.
For all these constraints and specificities, only an approved professional can install your boiler.
Once installed and adjusted according to your needs, you will then no longer need to think about it! However, you can modulate the heat according to your lifestyle thanks to a thermostat.
Don't forget the review! Once a year, the intervention of your heating engineer is compulsory and above all essential for the longevity of your boiler and for your safety. It will check that the entire system is working properly, change parts of the boiler if necessary, perform cleaning, and optimize the settings according to your daily habits.

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