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Gas boiler: Differences, Advantages, Installation and Maintenance

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The gas boiler is one of the heating systems most used by French households: Easy to install and maintain, inexpensive, profitable, low polluting ... it has everything to please!

Traditional, condensing or low temperature: types of gas boilers

Used for central heating as well as for sanitary water, gas boilers burn natural gas - town gas -, propane or butane: the calories from combustion are transmitted to the water network which supplies the radiators of the house and / or running water.
The boilers supplying the two networks are called “double service”: they are more powerful than single boilers.
The combustion principle depends on the type of boiler:
  • For a conventional gas boiler, the combustion fumes are in direct contact with the exchanger in which the water circulates which will then supply the network.
  • The low-temperature boiler works in the same way as a conventional boiler, but the temperature remains limited and adjustable.
  • Using the same principle as the conventional boiler, the condensing boiler recovers the heat from the flue gases by condensing the water vapor they contain: it uses as much heat as possible from the combustion.

All the advantages of a gas boiler

In general and whatever its operating mode, a gas boiler is easy to install, inexpensive and low polluting: gases are increasingly produced by methanization processes of waste.
From the point of view of profitability, the low-temperature boiler and the condensing boiler are the most efficient. The first knows how to limit the temperature produced to real needs, without surplus, and the second knows how to optimize combustion as much as possible: thus, without neglecting domestic comfort, the two models represent significant energy savings.
Without a fuel storage system, the town gas boiler takes up little space in the house.

Day after day, install and maintain your gas boiler

Install your boiler in a well ventilated room, large enough, on the floor or on the wall. Smaller in size than the floor-standing boiler, the wall-mounted boiler is often mounted directly in the kitchen or bathroom, on a solid partition.
For a natural gas boiler, it must be connected to the town gas distribution network. Without connection, you can choose a propane or butane boiler by first installing an above-ground or underground storage tank.
For your safety and for the proper functioning of your boiler, it is recommended to have it installed by an approved and certified professional.
Check the condition of the boiler, clean it, optimize its settings, measure performance and pollutant emissions, etc. Annual maintenance by a professional is compulsory: every year, provide for the intervention of a heating engineer.

TIP: The thermostat

To keep control of your boiler on a daily basis, consider the programmable thermostat. You will be able to select the desired temperatures according to your habits, and reduce your energy consumption to your needs!

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