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Low temperature boiler: Definition, Advantages, Installation and Maintenance

With a similar operation, the low temperature boiler is more profitable, more economical and more ecological than a conventional boiler. Operation, advantages, maintenance… find out all about low-temperature boilers.

The difference between low-temperature boiler and conventional boiler

With a heat exchanger system, combustion boilers - gas, fuel or wood - and electric boilers - conventional or ionic - heat water or a coolant which will then circulate in the central heating network and possibly in the sanitary water network to heat the home and supply it with hot water.
Whatever their type, conventional boilers heat water up to 90 ° C on average, while the low-temperature boiler only heats water at 40 ° C: to heat, the conventional boiler must then consume no more fuel or electricity. The exhaust smoke is itself hotter: there is more loss of thermal energy which has been produced for a conventional boiler.
Don't worry about your comfort! For superior comfort and the same room heat as with a conventional boiler, the low temperature boiler does not need to heat as much, provided the entire system is designed for.

The advantages of the low temperature boiler

At equal power, the low-temperature boiler is much more efficient, with much better efficiency than the conventional boiler.
If it can be a little more expensive to buy, it represents a major saving in its daily use.
Producing less heat, it consumes less fuel and emits less carbon dioxide than a fuel boiler, which makes it more environmentally friendly than a gas or oil boiler .
Finally, its fully automated use makes it easy to use, without any particular constraints.

Daily: installation and maintenance of the low-temperature boiler

Surfaces and dimensions, equipment and evacuation… the installation of a low-temperature boiler has no more requirements than other types of boilers.
In addition to the specific arrangements for its operation - oil, gas, wood or electric boiler - your low-temperature boiler requires a compatible central heating system.
While technically, it can be connected to any configuration, the energy standards in force since September 2015 require the exclusive use of compatible radiators, themselves called “low-temperature”, against cast iron radiators in particular.
The same goes for underfloor heating, with a specific installation of a “low-temperature floor”.
This measure optimizes the efficiency of the boiler, with a material that requires less heat for as much efficiency.
If your low-temperature boiler operates on town gas, propane, butane, fuel oil or wood, you will have to entrust its installation and its annual maintenance to a certified heating professional. It is he who will ensure your safety and the good health of your boiler.
On a daily basis, you will no longer think about it: you will not have to make any adjustments, unless you want to modulate the temperature using a programmable thermostat, according to your everyday needs.

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