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Boiler maintenance: why is it important?


Whether you are heated with oil, gas, or even wood, servicing your boiler every year is essential for several reasons.

The annual boiler maintenance is compulsory for individual boilers with an output between 4 and 400Kw (according to decree n ° 2009-649, dated June 9, 2009). Maintenance should be performed by a qualified professional. If no penal sanction is incurred, not doing so can have consequences on health but also on your expenses. Here are the main reasons to regularly maintain your boiler.

Avoiding the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Each year, more than 300 carbon monoxide poisonings occur from poorly maintained boilers. Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a dangerous gas that emanates from cooking appliances but also from heating appliances. This gas is colorless and odorless, which makes it difficult to detect. It can be fatal and can cause many health problems such as headaches, faintness, dizziness or even nausea.

Poisoning more often occurs in winter, during the heating period when the boilers are more stressed. To find out more, discover an infographic on the dangers of carbon monoxide , presented by the FioulReduc website. Carrying out regular boiler maintenance therefore reduces the risk of monoxide poisoning. It is also advisable to install a carbon monoxide detector in order to better identify the presence of this gas dangerous to health.

Save energy and reduce your heating bill

Maintaining your boiler increases its lifespan and avoids breakdowns: a well-maintained boiler breaks down on average five times less frequently. The intervention of a professional during a malfunction can be very expensive, especially if the replacement of parts or even the boiler is necessary.

The savings are also made on fuel. For example, with fuel oil, consumption will be reduced on average by 8 to 12% with a well-maintained boiler, according to ADEME , not to mention the environmental benefits with reduced CO2 emissions.

Beyond the health risks, boiler maintenance therefore saves energy, a good gesture for the environment and contributes in the long term to lowering the heating bill which costs more and more. dear every year.

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