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Oil boiler: Operation, Advantages, Installation and Maintenance

fuel oil
Used in rural areas by houses not connected to town gas networks, fuel oil boilers have experienced great progress in terms of energy consumption in recent years: greener, they are also becoming more economical.

How does an oil-fired boiler work?

Regardless of their type, fuel oil boilers are combustion heating systems: by burning the fuel oil stored in a tank, the system heats a water circuit which will then circulate in the heating network - radiators - and / or the domestic water supply network.
Taken from the tank by a pump, the fuel oil must pass through a burner to start combustion, from a certain temperature. The heat thus heats the water circuit.
Atmospheric burner, forced-air burner, "suction cup" system or not ... oil boilers have a multitude of techniques and subtleties, whatever their type.
While a conventional boiler removes residual fumes and vapors through ventilation ducts, the condensing boiler uses its vapors to use their heat.
The low-temperature boiler will be able to use heat from a lower oil temperature.

Why choose an oil boiler?

In general, the oil-fired boiler is recommended for large areas to be heated, in cold areas, when there is no connection to town gas.
Today, it is one of the safest heating systems, without risk of explosion, and with very low gas emissions - nitrogen, carbon dioxide, sulfur - for recent models.
The supply is easy everywhere in France, there are many fuel suppliers.
More specifically, the condensing boiler makes it possible to achieve significant savings in the energy used by making the most of the combustion of fuel oil.

Install and maintain your oil boiler

Unlike some systems, the oil-fired boiler can be installed almost anywhere, in a well-ventilated room. In addition to the boiler, it is necessary to provide for the installation of a tank to store the fuel oil.
Whatever its type, the installation must be carried out by a licensed professional. Certain specific operating modes - suction cup, mixed, generator, etc. - will have their own constraints and therefore require professional advice.
For use, it is necessary to provide, on the one hand, the regular filling of the tank and on the other hand, the compulsory annual maintenance by a professional.
This will check the status of the system, adjust and optimize the settings according to your needs, as well as cleaning the different parts of the boiler: this operation is essential for the good operation of your boiler, for its longevity and for your safety.

TIP: For optimal performance

Reduce your energy consumption and optimize the efficiency of your boiler thanks to:
  • The installation of a programmable thermostat to adapt the combustion according to your daily needs
  • The use of thermostatic valves, to modulate the heat in the house, by acting directly on the radiators.
  • Annual boiler maintenance
  • Good insulation for your home

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