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Wood-fired boiler: Operation, Benefits, Maintenance and Installation

100% renewable energy, one of the lowest fuel on the market ... whether it is pellet, log or wafer, the wood-fired boiler is a comfortable, profitable and ecological alternative.

How it works ?

Like an oil or gas boiler, the wood-fired boiler is a combustion system: here with wood as fuel, the heat of combustion heats up a so-called “coolant” liquid, ie heat carrier, which itself circulates throughout the habitat. This liquid is most often water, which supplies the radiators or the underfloor heating and the domestic running water circuit.
Wood boilers vary depending on the form of wood used:
  • Logs and logs
  • Pellets or pellets, composed of compressed wood, virgin of treatments and additives
  • So-called "forest" chips, resulting from the shredding and crushing of logging residue

The advantages of wood heating

In general, the major advantage of the wood-fired boiler is its particularly limited impact on the environment. It uses renewable, clean energy, with a completely neutral impact on global warming: the carbon dioxide from combustion is recovered by the growth of trees. The cycle is neutral and renewable.
It is also one of the most economical heating systems on the market, with the lowest fuel prices.
In addition, its performance is excellent, and, easy to use, it produces a gentle and pleasant heat.

Daily wood heating: installation, use and maintenance

As with all boilers, you can only install a wood-fired boiler if the home is equipped with a central heating system.
Provide a sufficiently large and well-ventilated room, which can be fitted with a smoke evacuation duct, as well as a place for fuel storage.
For pellet boilers, the system can directly integrate a space or be associated with a silo. In this case, the boiler is powered automatically by a worm screw or by suction: you will not have to refuel day after day, and you will have an autonomy of about a year.
Storing logs will require more space and organization. To prevent the boiler from clogging and optimize its performance, your wood must be very dry - at least two years of drying time - and stored in a dry and well-ventilated place.
In addition, the feeding of a log boiler is manual. You will need to fill your boiler every day or so every other day for maximum efficiency. For more user comfort, choose a boiler equipped with a large loading space.
As with all boilers, your wood-fired boiler must be installed and serviced annually by a certified professional.

TIP: Keep a pre-existing duct

Does your home already have a boiler exhaust duct? On gas, wood or fuel oil, the old smoke evacuation duct can, under certain conditions, be reused: don't forget to talk to your installer!

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