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DPE - The Energy Performance Diagnostic Guide

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All about the Energy Performance Diagnosis

Among the various housing diagnoses, the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) is one of the best known by both tenants and owners. It makes it possible to estimate the average energy consumption of housing and to assess its impact on the environment, in particular in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Very important, it also has an influence on the cost of energy bills or rent. But is this diagnosis compulsory? How much does it cost and how long does it last? Here's everything you need to know about ECD.

Is the DPE compulsory?

The DPE is, most of the time, compulsory to assess the quality of your accommodation. Since 2006, dwellings for rent, for sale and commercial buildings must regularly provide this assessment. It is, however, important to specify that homes located in overseas territories are not affected by this diagnosis.
Moreover, this diagnosis is not obligatory when the rentals of commercial premises are tacitly renewed. For the other exceptions, they concern agricultural premises, places of worship, independent buildings or even temporary constructions.

How to decipher the different energy classes of the DPE?

The DPE is evaluated according to several grades, from the most economical to the most energy-consuming, from A to G. The DPE relating to the emission of greenhouse gases is represented by a purple gradient, where that relating to energy consumption starts with green and ends with red. The lower your home is, the higher its energy consumption or environmental impact.

With the decryption of the DPE according to Bouygues Immobilier , you can understand the breakdown of the grades of this diagnosis in order to further visualize the areas to be improved for the comfort of your home.

How to obtain a DPE, what is its duration and what is its cost?

EPD is an assessment that should be performed by a qualified diagnostician. The latter is the only one authorized to provide the official certificate determining the grade of your accommodation. Once established, the DPE is valid for 10 years . It can, of course, be carried out again during this period, especially if home improvement work has been carried out.
The diagnostician freely sets his rates. As a rule, its cost is between 90 and 150 euros . Other diagnoses (asbestos, lead, etc.) that may increase the total bill may be added to this rate. However, the various costs of diagnoses are eligible for the tax credit, which allows you to recover 32% of your investment if you are taxable.

How to improve the results of your DPE?

As explained previously, the results of a DPE last 10 years. On the other hand, if the evaluated grade penalizes you (for example in a project of rental or sale of a property), you have quite the possibility of carrying out, ideally by professionals, work of renovation. These works can be financed by various means, such as the Finance Studio works loan .
Once the work has been carried out, the diagnostician should be called in again. Indeed, you cannot be satisfied with an invoice for work to justify a better grade on the diagnosis of energy performance.
In addition to the savings on energy bills, improving a DPE has an obvious impact on the environment and the planet. Several regional or government aids make it possible to finance or reduce the cost of improvement works. Your accommodation thus becomes more comfortable and respectful of the environment.

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