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CEE - The Complete Guide to Energy Saving Certificates

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What are Energy Saving Certificates?

Set up on July 13, 2005, within the framework of the POPE law (Programming fixing the Orientations of the Energy Policy), the Energy Savings Certificates system (EEC, or C2E) is one of the levers obliging suppliers of energy, fuels and automobile fuel (the obligated) to encourage the population (the beneficiaries) to achieve energy savings. These savings are materialized by an energy saving certificate.

The state sets a target for the collection of energy saving certificates to be reached, with financial penalties in the event of failure.
In order to collect EWCs, the obligated very often have recourse to a financial incentive intended for individuals to help them in carrying out their renovation project, in exchange for the EWC generated by the site.
These financial aids will help you improve the energy performance of your home. They are generally paid in the form of a cash bonus, gift vouchers, or even the assumption of all or part of the bank interest for a financing solution in order to make it easier for you to carry out energy renovation work in your home.

What are the conditions for benefiting from these EEC premiums?

  • Your accommodation must be more than 2 years old
  • Your accommodation must be your main, secondary or rental residence
  • You must not have signed your works estimate yet
  • Your energy renovation work must be included in the list of eligible work
  • You must not have already received an energy bonus
  • You must call on a professional recognized as guarantor of the environment (RGE). If you want to find an RGE professional you can go to the EDF works site https://travaux.edf.fr/trouver-un-professionnel
Some additional conditions may be added depending on the energy supplier chosen.

What works are affected by the energy saving certificate?

All energy renovation work, carried out by a professional, which aims to:
  • improve your heating and control system (boiler, heat pump, etc.),
  • insulate your attic, walls, floors,
  • set up a heating system using renewable energies (individual solar water heater, wood heating, etc.),
  • change your windows.

How is the amount of your EEC aid calculated?

The amount of the premium will depend on:
  • the geographical location of your accommodation,
  • the type of work you plan to do.
  • characteristics of your home such as m² in case of insulation for example
  • type of heating (fuel or electricity)
And more generally, energy savings that you will achieve with your work.

How to get your EWC aid?

If you meet all the required conditions and your energy renovation project is eligible, you can go directly to the site of one of the obligees, such as EDF on its site https://www.prime-energie-edf.fr / in order to estimate the amount of your premium
Are you also interested in an attractive financing solution for carrying out your energy renovation work?
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