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How to save water? The Finance Studio Guide

Hot water
Today, a household of 2.5 people consumes an average of 120 m 3 to 200 m 3 of water per year. At a rate of € 3 per m 3 of water, this amounts to around € 360 to € 600 per year: limiting your water consumption can represent a significant saving.

Steps to take to reduce your water consumption

On a daily basis, a few actions can change things and reduce your water bill. Don't let the tap water run unnecessarily: every time you wash your hands, teeth, or shave, turn off the water when you don't need it.
Prefer showers to baths, provided they are not too long: 5 to 10 minutes, no more. Turning off the water while soaping would save 20 liters per shower.
Regarding the consumption of the dishwasher or the washing machine, wait until your appliances are filled before launching a washing or dishwashing program, and preferably opt for the "eco" mode. If you do the dishes by hand, use a container or basin so as not to waste water.

Water saving: the equipment to be installed

Your daily actions can be facilitated by a few small pieces of equipment that are quickly installed and quickly pay for themselves.
While washing dishes, a trigger mixer will allow you to use the water only when you need it. On faucets and shower heads, installing a foamer or flow reducer is a real source of savings.
The thermostatic mixer makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the shower for constant heat avoiding unnecessary readjustments.
If you have a garden, install a rainwater collection tank at the outlet of the gutters: it provides you with water for watering at the end of the day. You can also fill it with the vegetable washing water.
For larger installations, install a flush with two tanks: it saves about 8 L of water. And for a real ecological revolution, think of dry toilets.

Home improvement work

The renovation of your "water rooms" can allow you to save water, starting with the renovation of the bathroom . Finally, take care of your plumbing: even small and sometimes invisible, water leaks are responsible for a significant waste of water in the long term.
Installation of dry toilets, renovation of the sanitary water network ... in order to save water, you can benefit from certain financial aid such as the Finance Studio Works loan , a personal loan that helps you carry out all your projects relating to your habitat.

How to save water in synthesis?

  • Do not let tap water run unnecessarily (soaping, brushing teeth, etc.)
  • Take showers rather than baths, less than 10 minutes
  • Fill the dishwasher / washing machine to the maximum before starting a program
  • Promote the eco mode of household appliances
  • Install "flow limiters" (trigger or thermostatic mixer, etc.)
  • Acquire a rainwater collector
  • Check the plumbing to detect any leaks

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