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How to reduce your electricity bill? The Finance Studio Guide

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The average annual electricity bill of a French household is around € 500, not counting heating! This expense could be greatly reduced thanks to the adoption of a few daily actions, but also thanks to some renovation work .

Reduce your daily electricity consumption

Choose your equipment and household appliances according to your needs and their energy performance, labeled from A to D and more. Do not leave any device on, or even on standby, when not in use.
As far as possible, place your refrigerator away from heat sources - hotplates, oven, etc. - to avoid extra strain. Set it to a temperature of + 4 ° C or + 5 ° C, and set the freezer to -18 ° C: they don't need to be colder. Do not let the frost set in: it is the source of overconsumption of around 10%.
When planning your interior, favor natural lighting in your living spaces. Install low-energy bulbs for your lights, and don't forget to turn off the light when you leave a room.
If your heating system is electric, do not exceed 20 ° C ambient heat and lower the temperature of the water heater.

Electrical renovation work

For more savings or to engage in a more global transition process, certain projects are possible, from changing your heating system to installing photovoltaic panels.
Whatever the size of your project, you will be able to benefit from financial aid such as the energy premium or the EEC premiums (Energy Saving Certificates). Set up by the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, the CEE system is a means of promoting energy saving work.
The zero-rate eco-loan or “ Eco-PTZ ” is offered by banks to finance all energy renovation work .
This aid can be combined with the Finance Studio works loan : insulation work , replacement of the boiler , renovation of the kitchen, etc. Adapted to your needs, our personal loans accompany all your projects.

Saving electricity: compare suppliers

Estimate your annual consumption and its cost. Then compare the different suppliers and their prices for an equal consumption of Kwh: your comfort must be the same. The conditions of the contract may vary, so it is a question of finding the most suitable offer.
The vast majority of suppliers offer an “off-peak / peak-hour” offer: set according to regions and municipalities, the price is more advantageous when general consumption is reduced, during off-peak hours. It is higher for peak hours. To smooth the energy distribution of networks, this measure offers the opportunity of a great saving for organized users.

How to reduce your electricity bill in summary?

  • Choose the most energy efficient household appliances
  • Favor eco mode and do not leave them on standby.
  • Limit the use of washing machines
  • Adjust the temperature of the fridge / freezer as well as the heating
  • Use comparators of electricity suppliers to choose the most suitable contract
  • Carry out insulation or energy renovation work

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