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How to reduce your energy consumption? The Finance Studio Guide

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In 2017, energy consumption represented 8.5% of the budget of French households, i.e. an average expenditure of € 2,900: reducing energy consumption today remains an essential issue for the savings of a household as well as for the health of the planet. How to reduce your energy consumption? Follow the guide !

Reduce your daily energy consumption

One of the primary drivers of home energy expenditure is heating. Some systems are less greedy than others: choose a system that best suits your lifestyle.
Electricity, gas, wood ... whatever your fuel, avoid overheating your home. It is estimated that going from 21 ° C to 20 ° C at room temperature allows 7% heating savings, without impacting your comfort. Install a programmable thermostat so that it does not heat up when you are away.
Electrical appliances are also a major expense in energy. When purchasing, focus on performance, graduated from A to D and more, while choosing a size and power consumption suited to your needs and habits: television, computer equipment ... the higher their power, the more they inflate the bill. electricity ! When they are not working, be sure to turn them off and not leave them on standby.
Also favor natural lighting by installing your interior according to the openings and choose low consumption bulbs. Make sure to always turn off the light when leaving a room.

The energy recovery of its habitat

For the energy balance, the quality of a building can make all the difference: the construction materials and the quality of the insulation affect the energy consumption of the home (house or apartment), on its greenhouse gas emissions. as well as on the comfort of the inhabitants.
Today, buildings are designed in accordance with energy standards. For the less recent, it is possible to obtain excellent results by well-targeted energy renovations .
Before you start, you can have an energy performance diagnosis (DPE) carried out , which allows you to take stock of your annual consumption and identify possible improvements. They relate in particular to insulation - floors, roof, windows - or to the heating system.

Energy renovation works

Is your project taking shape? Think about funding aids. To encourage energy renovation and energy savings, the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition has set up the system of energy saving certificates (EEC) . To justify a fundamental action for energy savings, energy and fuel suppliers are required to collect a certain number of certificates. They are generated by the renovation work of their customers: the suppliers then set up a financial incentive to encourage individuals in their renovation projects, this is the EEC premium.
In this context, the EDF energy bonus can help finance your insulation , heating and regulation work, carpentry, or the installation of a renewable energy heating system.
Outside of the CEE scheme, you may be able to take advantage of the zero-interest eco-loan, or " Eco-PTZ " for the renovation of insulation, sanitation, the heating system, or even the installation. of a renewable energy system.
Finally, the Finance Studio Works loan is a personal loan intended for all your renovation and improvement projects of your home.

How to reduce my energy consumption in synthesis?

  • Heating : choose the system best suited to your needs. Limit the ambient temperature. Use a programmable thermostat.
  • Electrical appliances: inquire about the performance of appliances upon purchase. Remember to put them on standby when not in use.
  • Lighting : favor low consumption bulbs. Turn off the light when leaving the room.
  • Insulation : carry out a diagnosis of the energy performance of the home and carry out the appropriate renovation work.

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