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Energy renovation: Which works to favor?

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To lower the bill, to feel good at home in any season or for the sake of the environment, you are thinking of doing some home work: get started! Benefits, points to respect, questions to ask… let's take stock of everything you need to know to get started in energy renovation.

What is it about ?

Before buying or renting a property, we ask ourselves many questions: how is it heated? have the windows been changed? is the building new or rather old?
Faced with the increase in energy prices, the depletion of natural resources or the question of daily comfort in winter and summer, energy saving is more relevant than ever, and 'we all strive to consume less and better.
Less greedy, with less loss, recent buildings have the advantage of having better energy performance than older ones. It is thanks to new materials, new techniques and new requirements. For older homes, improving energy performance - that is to say, minimizing consumption without reducing the service it provides us - requires some more or less substantial work… but which is worth it!

Why get started?

Temperatures are dropping… and heating bills continue to rise! The financial reason is one of the first reasons that pushes to undertake work to renovate his house. A poorly insulated house is difficult to heat in winter and to cool in summer: it will require more energy - electricity, fuel, natural gas, wood, etc. -. It should also be noted that the prices of these energies are clearly increasing.
To save money, you could also, quite simply, switch off the heating in winter… the interest of energy renovation is precisely to maintain or even improve your comfort without increasing your energy needs. Well targeted and well done, the renovation work could allow you to reduce your needs while ensuring optimal comfort: too hot or too cold, it's over!
And you checked yourself, the energy balance of property may influence the purchase: since 1 January 2011, it is mandatory to clearly display the DPE - diagnostic of energy performance - in the ad sale or rental of housing. Energy renovation therefore makes it possible to enhance your building.
You can also count on tax advantages, anticipation of new regulations, reduction of CO2 emissions ... if there are many good reasons for starting the work, you still have to know where to start.

How to renovate your home?

Single-storey house from the 1950s in the countryside, large apartment in an old building in the city, small wooden chalet in the high mountains… each building has its own energy needs, and your renovation project is unique.
And you, how do you stand? Before embarking on the improvement, take stock of the energy status of your home. With expert help, spot strengths, weaknesses, and anything that can be improved.
Also observe the spaces and their distribution, according to your lifestyle. The bedrooms, the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen do not have the same needs for heating or light. Imagine a reorganization of your interior: a living room facing south allows you to better benefit from natural light, for example.
TIP: Before starting major work, take stock of everything that can be improved: LED lights, water savers, programmable thermostats, electrical outlets with switches… simple tips can go a long way!
You can then target the most profitable jobs. You should observe the following points, and in this order:
  • Insulation: roofs, walls, floors, windows
  • Ventilation, which distributes heat well, prevents humidity, removes air pollution and makes the home more durable.
  • Heating: renewable energy or fossil energy, condensing boiler or vacuum boiler, pellet stove… you have to choose.
Finally ready? Here we go: from daily comfort to the future of the planet, energy renovation is more than a personal investment, it is a civic commitment.

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