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Bathroom Renovation: The Complete Guide

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Renovating a bathroom is a big budget and can take some time. Choice of materials, equipment and transformation of fittings… nothing should be left to chance: define your project with precision to better determine your budget.

The rearrangement

The renovation of your bathroom can be an opportunity to rearrange its elements, to make it more functional, easier to live with, or to enhance the space.
Draw clear and precise plans, taking into account:
  • Space, its structure and dimensions
  • Elements to integrate
  • The route of the piping
The rearrangement is the first step of a complete renovation, it is also one of the most important items of your budget: you will have to plan for possible plumbing and masonry work to create or modify the inlets and outlets of water.

The choice of equipment

Shower or bath? In the layout, the choice of the number 1 equipment of your bathroom can influence a lot of things.
More and more chosen to the detriment of the bathtub, the shower is acclaimed for its efficiency in use and the space saving it represents - if it is not "on the floor" -. It is also easier to install, therefore less expensive in general.
TIP: the walk-in shower
Aesthetic, easy to clean, the so-called "walk-in" shower has a more demanding construction than the other models. Open, without a door, it is on the same level without a receiving tray: the receiver and the floor must be exactly at the same level, and it will be necessary to be able to embed the receiver. A slope of 1 to 3% must also be provided, for good water drainage. The drainage must therefore be lower than the ground, which complicates the realization of a walk-in shower under renovation.
For children and the elderly, the bathtub can represent more comfort but also more safety. Corner bathtub or rectangle bathtub, free-standing or against a wall ... there are many types of bathtubs for a wide range of prices.

The choice of coating

On the wall as on the floor, the challenge of covering a bathroom is to resist humidity well in the long term. Tiles, paints, linoleum or coatings must be specific for this use.
Tiling is a must for floors and walls. On the floor, porcelain stoneware or natural stone are used more for strength and durability. Mosaic and earthenware, more fragile and very aesthetic, are more suited to the wall. Of all colors and shapes, tile remains one of the strongest and most durable materials. It offers a large aesthetic choice.
If it is more often applied to the wall, painting is also an option for the floor, directly on a concrete slab or on the previous tile. Specific, they are waterproof and durable, and are among the easiest materials to install. For a good result, the walls should be clean and smooth. It may be necessary to provide a leveling. And for a nice finish, it is advisable to apply several coats even if you have chosen a single coat paint.
On the wall, coatings such as waxed concrete, resins or tadelakt are recognized for their elegance and refinement. Tadelakt is a natural lime plaster, traditionally used in constructions in Morocco. Its effect is a little warmer than waxed concrete, which is more contemporary. For both plasters, the installation is quite technical, and for a good seal and a beautiful finish, it is better to entrust them to a professional.
On the ground, linoleum remains the easiest material to lay and the least expensive. If it is possible to lay a wooden floor, it is necessary to favor a rot-resistant exotic wood.
For a more original effect, turn to pebbles, to be installed in plates, or to cork, easier to maintain and more insulating.
Cement tiles remain a style choice. Solid, they are difficult to withstand maintenance products, and have a significant cost.

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