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Roof Renovation: The Complete Guide

Sulu roof renovation
The roof is an essential vector for the good health of the house: bad weather, heat, cold, noise pollution ... the roof is the very first protection of a building, and ensures both its longevity and the comfort of its inhabitants. From the benefits of renovation to parts to renovate, find out all about roof renovation.

Good reasons to renovate your roof

In direct contact with rain and shine, the roof is an element of the house that must be taken care of. The deterioration of the frame as of the roofing elements puts the comfort of the home at stake, its solidity over time, as well as the safety of the inhabitants.
A roof in poor condition causes water leaks such as drafts and heat loss. In addition to a reduction in the quality of sound and thermal insulation , it is also a crossing point for insects, birds and even rodents, which quickly degrade the attic.
Keeping a roof in good condition could then allow you to:
  • Protect your building and ensure its longevity
  • Save energy - heating, air conditioning - over the long term
  • Add value to your property, optimize the efficiency and appearance of your roof, by choosing new materials - terracotta, photovoltaic tiles, lauze ...
  • Arrange your attic: renovating the frame could be an opportunity to gain more living space.

Evaluate the condition of your roof

Does your roof need renovation. Know how to spot the signs that could alert you.
Regularly check the interior condition of the frame, through the attic or the attic. Observe the beams, watching for signs of degradation, traces of moisture or mold, as well as any insect holes and animal niches. In case of sawdust or wood dust, do not hesitate to call a specialist: it could be termites! If this is the case, you will not necessarily have to renovate your entire frame, a curative treatment may be sufficient.

TIP: Diagnosis Termites

If you sell your property, you may, in certain cases, be subject to the obligation to establish a parasitic state, or to have it checked that no parasite - termite, woodworm, capricorn…. -
From the inside, keep an eye on the look of the insulation materials, the spacing of the tiles and the light they let through.
Also check the appearance of your tiles from the outside: broken, displaced, missing tiles ... check the alignment of the tiles as well as the ridge, as well as the condition of the gutters: these must be well drained to drain the tiles properly. water, and never let it stagnate.
It is estimated that a frame should be changed every 20 to 30 years or so: when you buy a property, find out about the latest roof renovation, this can tell you the next points to watch out for, and if you will soon have to embark on it. a renovation.

Complete or partial renovation? Items to renovate

For a damaged element, you may not have the entire roof to renovate: the roof renovation includes many elements on which it is possible to work independently.
We talk about roof repair when it is necessary to repair or change the material covering the roof. Slate, terracotta, wood, lauze, stone, steel or concrete, in the form of tile, shingle or plate ... there are many roofing materials, for all tastes and all budgets.
Roof renovation can also be an opportunity to install insulation from the outside, or to renovate the insulation of the roof. This involves placing insulation panels under the roofing material from the outside. Often, an under-roofing film, or "vapor barrier", is additionally applied to improve insulation and protection against moisture.
Without having to redo the whole frame, the renovation of the frame can consist of the simple replacement of parts, the anti-humidity or water-repellent treatment, the fungicidal treatment against molds and fungi, and the insecticidal treatment against xylophagous insects.
The heaviest site is the total renovation of the frame: the entire roof structure has to be redone, and the repair is no longer enough. In this case, it will be necessary to provide new insulation as a new cover.

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