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Kitchen Renovation: The Complete Guide

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From a change of style to a complete redevelopment, including an upgrade, your kitchen renovation project must identify a few essential points. They play a major role in determining your budget.

The new plan and redevelopment

The most important renovation projects for both work and budget are most often complete renovations: are you going to change your kitchen plan?
First draw an inventory, on the one hand to distinguish everything you can keep from what you are going to part with - furniture, equipment, coverings, etc. - and, on the other hand, to determine the elements that could change. square.
Then think about the new layout of your future kitchen. New elements, additional features, built-in appliances… it may also be necessary to bring plumbing and electricity up to standard, which entails additional work and constraints.
Check in particular the electrical compatibility of the new equipment that you want to integrate, as well as the correspondence of the evacuations and water inlets. Draw an accurate diagram of the electrical and plumbing networks, without hesitating to seek professional help.
When drawing your new plan, consider the following constraints:
  • The general area of ​​the room: length, width and height must be measured accurately.
  • The location and opening of the doors, so as not to close any passage
  • The location of windows and vents, for comfort and safety

The choice of equipment

Furniture and appliances, perhaps you will keep everything, or on the contrary make room for new. By keeping a few elements or getting rid of everything, the question of choosing a kitchen kit or a custom-made kitchen will arise.
Tailor-made, your project will be designed and installed by a kitchen designer. He will know how to combine the technical constraints and your own specifications to offer you effective and adapted solutions. This is the most expensive option, but it is also the choice of total security: from the first drawings to the complete delivery, your service provider can take care of everything.
Efficient and practical, the kitchen kit remains a modular solution, which adapts to most projects. It is relatively easy to install and does not necessarily involve the intervention of a professional. Among the many brands that offer kit kitchens, there are many aesthetic choices.

The choice of coatings

On the wall as on the floor, the coating of a kitchen must be solid and resistant against humidity and splashes, oil, heat, in addition to being easy to clean and resistant to cleaning products.
Tiles remain an essential material for both walls and floors. Of all ranges, all prices, it does not stain and remains easy to clean. On the other hand, joints often age poorly and must be cleaned with special care. On the ground, for more solidity, prefer porcelain stoneware.
On the wall, painting is an economical solution that is easy to install yourself. You have to choose it washable, and put it in successive layers.
For very damaged walls, we sometimes use wallpaper. With a large choice of styles, it hides flaws well but is not very durable over time. For a washable wallpaper, prefer vinyl.
With new treatments and good maintenance, wood gives a natural and warm look to your kitchen. Durable and solid, it should not be used for splashbacks, where it will not withstand heat.
Waxed concrete is known for the elegant look it gives to the room. If it is resistant to water, it does not support greasy stains: it is better to put it on the wall than on the floor, and away from worktops and cooking points.

TIP: the choice of credenza

Plaster, waxed concrete or resin ... you can choose your favorite wall covering if you plan a good splashback: placed above the sink and the hob, it protects your covering while giving a nice finish. The transparent glass splashbacks have the advantage of allowing the coating to be seen, for a beautiful harmony.
Waterproof, easy to clean, economical, PVC is easily placed on the floor. It should be thick and protected with a special layer.

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