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Electric or gas heating: How to make the right choice?

Costs to be expected, heat felt, impact on the environment, ease of use… is it better to opt for gas heating or for electric heating? Let's take stock of the specificities of the two systems.

From an economic point of view: cost to purchase and cost to use

When purchasing, installing a gas boiler will be more expensive than installing an electric heating system, especially if the latter only involves the installation of electric heaters.
More technical, a natural gas boiler must respect many constraints in its installation and requires the intervention of a professional. The boiler, networks and radiators must be provided.
This investment may however be attractive in the future: the price of natural gas is lower compared to that of electricity. In general, compared to the various electric heaters taken as a whole, gas heating will be less expensive.

From a well-being point of view: everyday comfort

With a natural gas boiler, the heat is better distributed and gentler than with electric heaters. The air is also healthier, because it does not transport dust due to heat currents, and less dry.
The temperature remains however easier to modulate on an electrical system, according to the needs.

From a practical point of view: installation and maintenance

The installation of a gas boiler imposes more constraints than an electrical system, but also imposes a mandatory annual check: a professional must come and check the evacuation pipes, the general operation and the adjustment of the boiler to ensure the profitability of your boiler as well as your safety.
Installed with ease and without connection problems, an electrical system only requires a few day-to-day adjustments.

From an ecological point of view: energy saving and air pollution

Thanks to the latest technologies, heating systems are increasingly reducing their ecological impact.
Electric systems are among the most ecological: they use little fossil energy and do not emit any smoke or steam, therefore no fine particles or CO², unlike a gas boiler.
Inertia radiators are the least energy intensive, therefore more ecological.
By combustion, gas boilers generate a little carbon dioxide, which is released into the atmosphere. Propane boilers release more.
Prefer a condensing boiler , which limits a maximum of discharges.

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