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Economical electric heating: How to choose the right one?

To choose the electric heating that will be the most economical, you have to take into account three essential criteria: the initial purchase, the electricity consumption, but also your comfort.

The initial investment: the cost to purchase

In general, electric heating costs less to purchase and install than other heating solutions.
Easy to install, radiators do not cost the same. It depends on its technology and its specificities, which will affect consumption as well as comfort.
Inertia radiators are the most expensive. They accumulate heat to then release it when necessary, at night for example.
With dry inertia, the radiator stores heat using a material such as aluminum or ceramic. It can also work with a heat transfer fluid: the latter is slightly less efficient in restoring heat, and a little less expensive.
Soft and homogeneous heat, no rejection of dust or combustion, no drying out of the air… the inertia radiator offers the best comfort.
The radiant heater is a good compromise. It transmits its heat to the entire room, evenly, using the elements of the room as a relay. Overall less expensive than inertial radiators, it offers good comfort.
The cheapest is the electric convector. By heating the air with electric resistances, it dries up the air and its heat is poorly distributed. On the other hand, unlike the others, it quickly rises in temperature.

Over time: day-to-day consumption

On a daily basis, energy expenditure can quickly rise! Electricity has a cost that must also be taken into account in the long term: your initial investment can be amortized over time, in relation to your consumption. In order to find the most advantageous offer, you can compare the price of electricity on lelynx.fr
More expensive to buy, the inertia radiator will also be the most profitable economically. Its technology allows it to restore heat even when it is off. You can associate it with a programmable thermostat to adjust the optimal temperatures according to your needs.
The most energy-intensive and therefore the least economical in terms of consumption is the electric convector.

Comfort, for additional savings

Do not neglect your comfort, it is also a source of savings! Gentle heat, well distributed in the room will give a better feeling of well-being, and the less pleasant the heat, the more we tend to increase the temperatures.

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