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Electric underfloor heating: Everything you need to know about the Heated Floor!

underfloor heating
Economical, comfortable, discreet… electric underfloor heating takes advantage of the most recent technologies to be installed in new buildings or in the context of a renovation. Zoom on heated floors.

The different types of electric floor heaters

Whether radiant or with storage, electric underfloor heating works by a heating cable which circulates under the floor of the home.

For an electric radiant floor or PRE, a network of low temperature resistances is distributed on the floor over the entire surface to be heated, on a thermal insulator intended to return the heat upwards. It is then covered with a screed, then with the floor covering.
On the same principle, the accumulation floor uses mixed technology. The resistors are covered with a thick concrete screed: in addition to being radiant, it optimizes the thermal inertia of the concrete to accumulate heat. This can be restored if necessary, depending on the outside temperatures, when the electrical system is off, for example.
This mixed floor often works with additional elements, such as radiators, baseboard heaters, etc.

The advantages of electric underfloor heating

The main advantage of a heated floor is the thermal comfort it brings to the home. Its gentle heat is well distributed and homogeneous. For this daily comfort, it is particularly popular with homes where young children live: by playing on the floor, they do not risk any cold snap, without being too hot.
Invisible, completely silent, it requires no specific upkeep or maintenance.
If its installation represents a real investment, underfloor heating can represent a great saving in use, compared to other heating systems. At low temperature, it limits its energy consumption. The most economical is the accumulation floor. It will restore heat without consuming electricity: very useful as a tariff option Peak hours / off-peak hours - HPHC!

Installation of electric underfloor heating

Whatever its type, a heated floor can be installed in new homes or renovations and in all rooms.
Choose your coating carefully: with underfloor heating, the material must be optimal. Tiles and natural stone are ideal, as in addition to being hard-wearing and non-deforming, they conduct heat better than any material.
Whatever the coating, avoid choosing it too thick. Apart from certain specific models, carpet should be avoided because it is too insulating.

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