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supports you in all your personal projects (interior fittings, works, financing of a vehicle, etc.). Find out about Finance Studio consumer credit and how to subscribe to it.

Finance Studio consumer credit

Need cash to finance a project (purchase of a vehicle, work in the house, travel expenses)? Consumer credit is the answer to your needs! What should I know about this loan? What are the different formulas? Its conditions of obtaining? And why choose Finance Studio for a consumer loan?

An example to understand

If you borrow € 15,000 over 84 months at the fixed Global Effective Annual Rate of 3.38% (fixed borrowing rate of 3.33%)

You will reimburse 84 monthly payments of € 200.44 (excluding optional insurance) for a Total Amount due of € 16,836.96 (interest: € 1,836.96)

Monthly cost of the optional Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of autonomy, total temporary incapacity for work insurance (taken out with Cardif Life Insurance and Cardif various risk insurance) in addition to the amount of the monthly loan payment of € 19.02. Total cost of this optional insurance: € 1,597.68. Effective Annual Rate of this Insurance: 2.84%

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What is a consumer credit?

Consumer credit is a form of borrowing that makes it possible to finance the majority of purchases by individuals, with the exception of real estate or professional transactions which have their own credit solution. Sometimes these purchases will relate to specific products or investments, such as buying a car or other equipment, or carrying out work in the house.

The borrower can contract a consumer loan in the establishment of his choice, with his bank or a specialized credit organization offering more interesting borrowing conditions. Before applying, it is recommended that he properly estimate his borrowing capacity , as well as his debt ratio, and find out about the rates charged on the consumer credit market.

What are the different types of consumer credit?

Consumer credit can be subdivided into several formulas: car or motorbike credit for the purchase of a vehicle, work loan for expenditure on decoration or energy renovation of housing, etc. The list is very extensive!

We can also cite revolving, revolving or reconstituting credit depending on the institution. It is a form of personal loan, but the mode of operation is very different. The borrower has "permanently" a sum of money that can be spent in whole or just in part, the interest being charged only on the money currently used, with an often high rate. This starting amount is constantly replenished as repayments are made.

How to take out a consumer loan?

What conditions to obtain a consumer credit?

For a lender to accept your consumer loan application, you must comply with certain legal and / or financial conditions. Any credit institution thus has the duty to check the solvency of a household or individual borrower, and to ensure that it is not registered with the Banque de France. For a revolving credit, this credit check must even take place every three years minimum.

It is also necessary that the borrower is of legal age at the time of the request, and residing in French territory for a loan taken out in France. In addition, there are the specific rules and regulations in force in each credit institution, with regard to the authorized debt ratio, and concerning the minimum and maximum amounts that can be borrowed within the framework of a personal loan. an affected credit.

What are the steps to take out a consumer loan?

After having correctly estimated your debt ratio and your borrowing capacity, you will apply for consumer credit as such. To do this, you must complete a questionnaire in which various points will be addressed: the description of your project, your expenses and income, your personal and professional situation, etc. On this basis, the credit organization can already give you an answer in principle.

Subsequently, you must validate your request, and provide certain supporting documents to verify the information entered in the form, such as pay slips for example. After analyzing all these elements, the establishment gives you a definitive answer. The funds are transferred to your account after a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days.

The advantages of the Finance Studio consumer loan

With Finance Studio, you can obtain an affected credit or a personal loan of up to € 75,000, repayable over a long period so as not to impact your remaining life. With a term of 36 months (three years) to 96 months (eight years), its competitive interest rate gives you attractive pricing. You can make a secure subscription online, without having to pay administration fees and without changing bank. As soon as the request is submitted, Finance Studio announces a response in principle.

In addition, Finance Studio provides you with an online consumer credit simulator , which allows you to check, even before submitting your application, that your project is financially sustainable. You can modulate the amount and the duration to know the applied rates, and, via the consumer credit simulation, determine the monthly payment reimbursement. Valuable information on the loan conditions from which you will benefit!

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