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What can you buy with a works loan?

A work loan is a personal loan that allows you to finance decoration to renovation, whether you do everything yourself or involve a professional, the work loan finances your small and large projects.

From decoration to renovation

Repaint rooms, transform the decoration of the whole house, replace a broken boiler or build an extension not subject to a building permit ... the work loan covers all the expenses allocated to your work projects, whatever they are, to from 1,500 € and up to 75,000 €.

Good to know: Works loan and building permit

As soon as your project requires a building permit, it cannot be financed by a personal loan: this can only finance work without a building permit.
It can finance your equipment - stove, washing machine, shower cabin - as well as your materials - floor covering, painting, tiling, insulation… -. And for your small jobs as for your very large projects, the work loan also supports the intervention of a professional.
The flexibility of the Works loan is what sets it apart from a real estate loan: while it is possible to allocate a works budget for a real estate loan, it remains reserved for more important work, which requires the intervention of a professional. The funds are released only under conditions - supporting documents to be provided, payment of the service directly to the professional, etc. -. In addition, you will not be able to buy furniture or decorative elements with a simple mortgage: the mortgage remains restricted to the purchase of real estate.

100% adapted, a complete range of works loans

Switching to wood heating, new windows or renovation of the kitchen… is your project well targeted? Take advantage of our range of personal works loans for a perfectly adapted solution:
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Boiler
  • Hot water
  • Wood heating
  • Electric heating
  • Heat pump
  • Renovation
  • Deco and furniture
  • Cooked
  • Swimming pool
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