A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

What documents to provide for a work loan?

To take out a work loan, you will need to provide some personal and work-related documents.

Personal documents

For a Works loan as for all credits, it is first of all requested to provide proof of identity, namely a copy of both sides of the borrower's valid identity card, as well as a supporting document. home less than 3 months old, such as:
  • A gas or electricity bill
  • Or a landline phone bill, or a package subscription including a landline phone
  • Or a rent receipt
These documents will be requested for each of the co-borrowers, as will the financial supporting documents.

Financial supporting documents

Likewise, for all forms of credit, you will need to provide proof of your financial situation. Necessary for any loan application, supporting documents and financial documents are requested by the banks to assess the applicant's repayment capacity with regard to his maximum debt ratio. You are asked:
  • Salaried professionals must provide the most recent pay slips, generally those for the last three months, or a bulletin for the month of December of the year preceding the request. It is imperative to request the tax notice in addition to the payslip:
    • For salaried customers who have a direct and indirect relationship with their employer
    • For employees who hold capital shares in the company and who exercise a managerial position (ex; salaried manager)
  • Non-salaried professionals must provide their last tax notice indicating the income for a full year (4 sheets).
  • Retirees, for their part, must provide the latest pension fund statements - basic, supplementary, supplementary -.
In all cases, you must also provide a RIB - Bank Identity Statement -, as well as the last tax notice: the latter justifies the solvency of the applicant.

Documents and supporting documents relating to the work

For a works loan and from a certain amount, the credit organization will ask for documents and supporting documents relating to the work to justify the nature of the expenses. This condition and its terms may vary from one organization to another.
You will need to provide professional service quotes such as materials, purchase orders, invoices, which may relate to the purchase of furniture, equipment or decorative items.
Before subscribing, check the list of documents that will be requested: this is an essential condition for your work loan application to be accepted.