A loan commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

New car loan online

Want to buy a new car? Finance Studio offers you financing solutions adapted to your project.

Discover the "Domoprêt" loan from € 1,500 to € 75,000.

The new Finance Studio car loan

Do you need to change your car and take out a new car loan? Finance Studio supports you in all your projects thanks to its personal loan.

Simulate your credit. Then make your request online and subscribe on our secure space. An answer in principle is available immediately.

An example to understand

If you borrow € 15,000 over 72 months at the fixed Global Effective Annual Rate of 3.38% (fixed borrowing rate of 3.33%)

You will reimburse 72 monthly installments of € 230.13 (excluding optional insurance) for a Total amount due of € 16,569.36 (interest: € 1,569.36)

Monthly cost of the optional Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of autonomy, total temporary incapacity for work insurance (taken out with Cardif Life Insurance and Cardif various risk insurance) in addition to the amount of the monthly loan payment of 20.64 €. Total cost of this optional insurance: € 1,486.08. Effective Annual Rate of this Insurance: 3.11%

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The steps to take out a Finance Studio loan online

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    Simulate your loan online

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    Subscribe online and get an immediate answer in principle

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    Print the contract today or wait to receive it by mail

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    Return the signed contract with the supporting documents

The specifics of credit for a new car

At Finance Studio, the new car loan is a classic personal loan: it is not an affected loan, that is to say dedicated only to the purchase of a car. Rather, it is a sum of money borrowed for the purchase of your choice. The personal loan to finance the acquisition of a car therefore allows you to freely choose the vehicle you wish to acquire.
During your credit simulation, various elements will be communicated to you:

  • Personal contribution: the higher this down payment, the lower the loan amount will be

  • The Global Effective Rate (TEG): this is the real cost of the loan: it takes into account all the costs related to the credit (no hidden costs!): Insurance, interest, administration fees, etc.

  • The duration of the loan: expressed most of the time in months, it allows to know over how long the repayment of the loan will be spread out. The duration determines the amount of monthly payments .

  • Monthly installments : the amount you will have to repay each month

  • Insurance

  • The total cost of credit

Personal loan offer of € 5,000 to € 39,999 for a period of 36 to 96 months repayable at the fixed annual percentage rate of 3.38%. Conditions in force from 08/10/2019.

Subject to the study and acceptance of your file by Finance Studio. You have a right of withdrawal.

The advantages of the Personal Loan


Attractive pricing


Secure online subscription


Principle immediate response


No administration fees

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Loan Insurance


The borrower insurance offered by Finance Studio helps protect you and your family.
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