Real Credit and Consigned Credit in Real

Personal credit Banco Real , a nimble loan, without having to explain the purpose of using the money. Banco Real Personal Credit line is a fast and immediate loan that the real customer can request at any time through the internet credit simulator is able to inform how much you are needing and still choose the best form of payment.

 Personal Credit Work

 Personal Credit Work

How Does Real Personal Credit Work ? Contact your manager to apply for credit limit approval and negotiate the best form of payment, monthly installments will be debited directly into your checking account on the date you choose.

The Real Credit can pay in up to 24 fixed and monthly installments. To get these ease in applying for personal credit, simply open a bank account at Banco Real and avail. Do a simulation and apply for your loan.

Real Payroll Credit for a private company with a payroll discount is a personal credit line available to employees of companies that have an agreement with Banco Real for this type of credit. In payroll-deductible loans, installments are paid by payroll deduction, that is, they are already deducted from the payroll or paycheck. In general, payments are fixed and monthly up to 30% of the current remuneration.

In obtaining and contracting the payroll deductible loan, the employee can choose the amount of installments that will be discounted in his paycheck or pay stub, in addition to the lowest rates in the market, it is not necessary for the client to be an account holder of the Real to request the credit.

How does Real Payroll Credit work ? Look for information in the personal department of your company to find out if there is an agreement with the Real bank for this type of loan.

If you wish, it is also possible to hire the Real Life Life Insurance. With this mode of insurance, the client is guaranteed in cases of death or total permanent disability due to accident, the payment of the balance due on his loan.