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CEF is one of the nation’s leading state banks, and Caixa Simulation applications are among the most sought after on the Internet. Here in this post we summarize for you everything you need to know about where to simulate your loan in the box. Primarily for real estate financing, cash simulation is a big help. Just click on the links in the next section and enjoy!

The lower interest rates that the Federal Savings Bank presents are due to the subsidy that the government gives. That is, in order for the Caixa to be able to make loans cheaper than its competitors in the market, the government banks part of these costs with its own money. Since government money means money collected with taxes, it means that you – taxpayer – and all society are those who pay for these artificially lower interest rates.

Thus, Caixa Econômica Federal is the government’s main vehicle for various social programs and special lines of credit. It is through it that millions of people have access to government-subsidized credit.

For all these characteristics, Caixa is a very unusual bank, and it is worth taking a look at what it has to offer! The following are the main loan and financing simulators available on Caixa’s website:

Housing Simulator Box

Housing Simulator Box

Access here the Caixa Housing Simulator

This is perhaps Caixa’s main loan simulator. The simulations of all lines of credit are centralized in the following cases:

  • My Life My Life – Urban Housing
  • My Home My Life – LivingRural
  • Acquisition of new property
  • Acquisition of used property
  • Acquisition of land and construction
  • Construction on own land
  • Conclusion, reform or extension

The simulator includes both the Housing Finance System (which has some limitations as to maximum values) and using the SBPE (Brazilian Savings and Loan System) credit line, in which case there is no income limit.

Simulador Property Credit Own CAIXA

 Simulador Property Credit Own CAIXA

Access here the Self-Credit Property Loan Simulation

Attention! This is not a real estate financing simulator. This is a personal loan simulator in which you can place your property as collateral for the loan.

The idea is simple: if the bank has some assurance that it will receive the payment of your loan back, it can offer you lower interest rates.

So, in case you do not repay the loan, the bank can sell the property that you have placed as collateral and cover the repayment of the loan.

Therefore, this type of personal loan is interesting if you have a property of your own. Online lending companies like Creditas also bet on this form of “secured loan” to offer lower interest to their consumers.

FIES Simulator

Simulate a Low Interest Loan!

Compare rates for more than 20 banks for your loan. Escape high interest rates and get the loan with the best rate for you!


This simulator can change your professional life. By means of very low rates (6.5% a year), well below inflation, the interested student can be financed to attend a University. By making this loan at low rates, you can invest in your professional training, and in that way, get a good salary after you graduate. For more information about FIES, you can click here.

Simulation of Direct Credit CAIXA

Access here the Direct Credit Box

This is the direct personal credit simulator for your checking account in the box. It is an easier and quicker credit line to obtain, but in return, it is one of Caixa’s more expensive loan modalities. Still, rates are usually cheaper than other banks (around 5.5% per month).

This category includes CDC Auto, Salary, Senior and Tourism.

Other options

 Other options

Caixa also presents other loan lines, such as:

  • Auto Contribution: you get a personal loan by placing your car as collateral
  • Anticipation of the 13th salary
  • Anticipation of income tax refund
  • Financing for buying a new car or motorcycle

However, there are still no simulators available on the cashier website for these credit modalities. In that case, you should go to a branch office for more information. Before going to an agency, here’s a tip: you can use our online loan simulator to compare in several banks!

How about comparing Caixa with other banks?

The box has very low interest rates, and it’s certainly worth taking a look at what it has to offer. But did you know that you can get even lower rates, with the same security and much more practicality? Take a look at our simulator!

Click here and compare loans at various banks!

The simulation is 100% free. There you have an option that suits you!

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