Small Loans Post Office – The Loan for Me

Today, as today, many people apply for mini loans , that is, to have very small loans – usually a few thousand euros – that are used to meet small needs such as buying a motorcycle, a used car. , small medical expenses and so on.

As the demand for mini loans grew, so did the offer. An example of a small loan are the Small Loans Poste Italiane . What is it about?

The Poste Italiane Mini Loan consists of a personal loan, fast, simple, easy and which is paid through the financial Compass. This is a loan that is available in three different amounts: one of one thousand euros, one of 2 thousand euros, one of 3 thousand euros, but all have the same identical duration ie maximum 22 months.

The duration of the loan is short and the installments, depending on the size of the Poste Italiane Mini Loan, are from 50 to a maximum of 150 euros per month. It is, as you can see, a figure extremely accessible to almost everyone: this is why Mini Prestito Poste Italiane is one of the most requested loans among those who need a small amount of money. Quick to obtain, it requires few guarantees, it allows to have a small liquidity immediately available.

Who can access the Poste Italiane Mini Loan?

All Italian citizens who have a PostePay Evolution, aged between 18 and 70 years .

Like most of the loans that have been granted by Poste Italiane, the Poste Italiane Mini Loan is also issued on PostePay Evolution, and the installments are then deducted from PostePay. Alternatively, it is also possible to request that the Poste Italiane Mini Loan be debited from the Banco Posta account if the user already has one.

The installment must be paid on the 15th or the 30th of the month, and it is possible to exercise the withdrawal from Mini Prestito Poste Italiane, according to the law, within 14 days from the loan.

To access the Poste Italiane Mini Loan, simply go to the Post Office counter , bringing a valid identity document, a health card, the document that certifies the income (pay slip, pension slip or autonomous income: in this case they can be required further investigation by the office).

Foreign citizens also need a passport and a residence permit.

A valid alternative to Poste Italiane’s Mini Loan is also the SpecialCash Postepay Personal Loan for freelancers and atypical workers who do not have a stable income, provided they have PostePay Evolution and are between 18 and 70 years old.