3 women found out that the same guy was cheating on them. They dumped him and went on an epic road trip together

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Three unsuspecting women. A cheating boyfriend. And the epic road trip of a lifetime. Can this brave trio of ancient flames bond with the man who hurt them to find love, laughter, adventure, and friendships that will last a lifetime?

Cue the uplifting soundtrack, right?

Well, yeah, if it was the trailer for a Hollywood movie, but this story of three women who went from cheated on girlfriends to unlikely best friends happens to be true.

Abi Roberts, Bekah King, and Morgan Tabor were all dating someone they thought was a great guy, but it turned out their Prince Charming was all dating at the same time.

Around last Christmas, overly friendly texts and flirtatious photos that apparently associated his honey with several other women led Tabor to believe that something strange might be happening. In the end, her less-than-loyal lover’s social media accounts confirmed her worst suspicions.

Tabor, who lives in Salt Lake City, reached out to a girl via Instagram to share the bad news that their “exclusive” boyfriend was far from exclusive. The sense of shock and dismay they shared was also mutual.

But that relationship was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Tabor’s further investigation revealed that in addition to the young woman she had previously contacted, “the boyfriend who will remain unnamed” was simultaneously dating Roberts, a Utah State University student and artist from Boise, Idaho.

“We were having a great time, and then around December I got a text from two girls,” Roberts said. Salt Lake City Tribune. “One of them… basically said, ‘Hey, are you dating this person?’ And I said yes. And they’re like, ‘Well, we’re both dating him too.’ So it was a huge shock. “

In an instant straight out of the movies, the Lothario was arrested when he showed up at Tabor’s door, a courteous bouquet of flowers in hand, during a revealing FaceTime conversation between Tabor and Roberts.

As he tried to talk about his shady date schedule, the girls weren’t buying the sad line of defense he was trying to sell.

As a result of a hunch there might be more members in their weird and growing fraternity, Tabor and Roberts followed the evidence, only to eventually track down another half-dozen women he was seeing as well. One of them turned out to be King, also from Boise.

After a brief confab, all three summarily dumped him. But rather than becoming bitter over the experience, in the months that followed, the three women bonded, eventually deciding to meet.

“We did a lot of trauma processing and memory sharing, and it was obvious that we were all really cool, fun people who had a lot in common,” Roberts told the Washington post. “Right away we became good friends.”

During their initial meeting, the three shared relationship stories about their late handsome. Creature of habit, they learned that he chose women with remarkably similar tastes, interests and hobbies. And, true to his habits, he had also told them all about his romantic dream of traveling the country in an old VW bus.

It was while they were laughing at his predictability that they had a light bulb moment. Why not take this dream and turn it into reality?

Soon the women were making plans. With the help of friends and family, they got an old school bus and parked it in Boise, where they turned it into a modern little house on wheels straight out of the pages of a magazine on glossy paper.

This summer, they hit the road.

The trio’s travel itinerary includes Washington State; Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Teton National Parks, and a drive south along the west coast. The women take turns at the wheel and to finance the journey, each of them works remotely several hours a week.

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To say the trip was transformational is an understatement.

As the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. While none of the three women could have predicted how sweet the end result of this particular trip would be when they first met, rather than get angry and take revenge, they instead chose to take the big one. road.

“I think sometimes at first glance a lot of people think we’re just doing that [to spite our ex], but no, ”said Roberts SLT. “It is very authentically us who follow our dreams and seize opportunities and we are delighted.”

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“What this guy did to us doesn’t define our lives,” Roberts told the Washington Post. “We all feel truly blessed to have found each other. We are lifelong friends.

Okay, kick off the credits, listen to the inspiring music, and maybe see if Drew Barrymore is available to direct?

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