A giant 22-foot sculpture installed in the Caribbean Sea

A 22-foot, 3,000-pound sculpture “The Boonji Spaceman” has now joined the league along with space enthusiasts Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos. Brendan Murphy’s artistic creation connects to a dock in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, drawing tourists to the US Virgin Islands (USVI) -based Hodges Bay Resort in St John. The astronaut masters the legendary dance pose inspired by pop singer Michael Jackson and is a gigantic sculpture installed eclipsing the area with several mathematical equations and scientific and physical formulas written all over it.

Since arriving, the Spaceman has upped the stakes of the Caribbean getaway by adding a “wow” factor, as luxury property tourists often surround the monumental facility for “selfies.” The statue was commissioned by collector and co-owner of the complex, Christopher Harding, and is among the tallest of its kind in the Caribbean, according to multiple reports. Contemporary artist, Brendan Murphy, is renowned for his astronaut sculptures which have been coveted by acclaimed artists Serena Williams, Robert De Niro, Ryan Gosling, and Novak Djokovic, among others. The special thing about “The Boonji Spaceman” is that it can be seen from space!

Based in Malibu with his industrial team in Miami, basketball player-turned-artist Brendan Murphy says he’s in a “wow” business. In an interview with United States Forbes earlier, the sculptor had stated that his view of art consists of ideas that can “really move the needle”, and he aims to mesmerize from his art. He created his biggest to date and talked a lot about Boonji Spaceman working with his longtime friend Harding with tech support from Andy Kostas. It took his team of 12 men about 3 days to mount the statue visible from space in five feet of solid concrete.

Can withstand strong hurricane force winds

Interestingly, Murphy tells the Network that the sculpture’s carbon fiber exterior is designed to withstand high hurricane force winds and other natural calamities. The resort also sports Murphy’s most famous candy hearts, which hang from the atrium of the “Big House”, as well as a shark sculpture known as “The Fast Eat Slow”. The idea is to leave guests with memorable stays, after all, the Hodges Bay Resort is the most “Instagrammed” resort in the world.

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