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It is one of the happiest things in life to become parents. This happiness increases dramatically when you share it with your parents. Grandparents spoil their children and love them so much. Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to meet their grandchildren. In a touching video posted to Instagram by the Good News Correspondent page, a man can’t control the tears in his eyes when his girlfriend shows him a painting of his parents and their baby girl together. The reason behind this is truly heartbreaking and can also leave you with tears in your eyes.

The video begins with the woman showing a beautiful painting of the man’s parents with their baby girl. “Three years ago my boyfriend lost both parents. They never had the chance to meet their granddaughter or see their son become a father. So I surprised him with a painted picture of his parents and our little girl together,” the text of the video reads. The man gets really emotional when he sees the painting and can’t control the tears in his eyes.

Posted 11 hours ago, the video has already been viewed over 27,000 times.

“A beautiful gift,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

“What a tender thing – and they were there to help send it here!” commented an Instagram user. “And your daughter will probably remember being with them because she’ll think it was real,” another user wrote. “Bless her broken heart,” posted a third.

What do you think of this thoughtful and sincere gesture?

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