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The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts will launch a new gallery in downtown Knoxville, announced Trudy Hughes, CEO of Arrowmont. The Arrowmont Gallery, located at 110 South Gay St. in Knoxville, is the school’s first permanent off-campus exhibition space.

The grand opening will take place from 5-8:30 p.m. on April 1, coinciding with downtown Knoxville’s First Friday festivities.

“For many years, our community has talked about the Arrowmont experience – and how best to share it,” Hughes said. “We continue those conversations today. When I came on board last year, one of the many avenues of that conversation was about extra space. Thanks to the leadership of so many people here on campus who worked together to discern where might we go next – a space that helps us better deliver and elevate the Arrowmont experience – I am thrilled to announce that Arrowmont is coming to downtown Knoxville. We will be opening additional gallery space at 110 South Gay St., and we invite you to join us there for the grand opening on April 1st.

Arrowmont has long envisioned a permanent space in Knoxville. A significant number of Arrowmont artists, donors and supporters are based in the nearby town. The Arrowmont Gallery is an opportunity to reach people living and working in Knoxville who are interested in the work of Arrowmont artists.

The new gallery space will showcase arts and crafts by artists from the Arrowmont community, featuring nationally and internationally renowned artisans, college professors and professional artists. The gallery will house a Showcase Gallery with works for sale and a Focus Gallery with individual and small group exhibitions.

The inaugural exhibition for the April 1 opening includes works representative of Arrowmont’s range of craft workshops in ceramics, 2D processes, fibers and textiles, metals and enamels, woodworking and woodturning. Artists confirmed for the first show include: Jonathan Adams, Jennifer Allen, Erin Anfinson, Adam Atkinson, Barbara Bullard, Tina Curry, Chandra DeBuse, Bill Griffith, Dani Guillen, Chris Hoehle, Everett Hoffman, Jeana Eve Klein, Maia Leppo, Ashton Ludden, John Polly, Justin Rothshank, Joshua Shorey, Mary Welch Thompson, Katherine Wagner, Kimberly Winkle and many more.

Hughes said: “We will have so many people from Arrowmont at the grand opening on April 1 – our board members or our team members, community leaders – many champions who for decades years, thought Arrowmont deserved a second location; another place where people can come and experience all that Arrowmont is all about. You can always come to Gatlinburg whenever you want and join us here in Arrowmont. But if for some reason you can’t make the trip to Gatlinburg, we’re now going to offer you another Arrowmont location of opportunity. Please join us on the evening of April 1st for the Grand Opening and First Friday festivities and help us launch Arrowmont’s next location.

Founded as a colonization school in 1912 by the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women, Arrowmont has grown into a national center for education in contemporary arts and crafts, providing learning opportunities for people of all skill levels and ages. Arrowmont is located on 13 acres in the heart of Gatlinburg, just minutes from Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With access to tourist attractions, the convenience of a nearby big city, and a thriving arts and crafts community, Arrowmont offers a unique and immersive learning environment – ​​an unexpected creative oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of a destination. popular tourist.

The school’s heritage is rooted in an approach to the arts that draws on traditional arts and crafts and the joy of doing. People travel from across the country and around the world to take courses at Arrowmont.

More than 120 national workshops are offered each year, in addition to a full range of community courses, children’s courses and ArtReach courses, which provide a day of art for over 1,200 local school children each year. Additionally, Arrowmont hosts many gallery exhibitions, symposiums and conferences.

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