Artist uses lipstick from women affected by breast cancer to create lasting tributes

HOUSTON (KHOU) – An artist from Houston pays tribute to women battling breast cancer through her unique art.

Katherine Mason uses lipstick donated by people affected by the disease to bring her pieces to life.

She spends hours in her studio, lipstick in hand.

“Sometimes I leave the studio and smell the lipstick,” she said.

Improbable tools help turn an empty canvas into art.

“I’m doing this for more than just for myself,” Mason said.

Her journey began in 2016, when a close friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

“She used to put on lipstick before all of her chemotherapy treatments, and it made her feel so much better,” Mason said. “It made her feel so much more beautiful, stronger and more powerful.”

Learning that changed everything.

“I thought it comes in a tube, so it’s kind of like a pencil. And I can kind of handle it that way, and I wanted to challenge myself, ”she said.

She started her lipstick series to help women who have battled and are battling breast cancer.

“There were a lot of tears in my studio,” Mason said.

She first focused on the female body, then on flowers.

“I hope they see the beauty in the pieces,” Mason said.

His latest piece is vintage boxing gloves.

“They symbolize that the battle these people are fighting (is) for their lives,” Mason said.

Her work has touched women across the country. They send her letters with stories of battles, triumphs and losses against breast cancer.

“I want to show these women the respect they deserve through my work,” Mason said.

But it’s the lipstick that comes in the mail belonging to those who have lost their breast cancer that fuels her continuing mission.

“These are always really special packages to receive,” Mason said. “These lipsticks belonged to women and they were kind of a part of their life. I know there are women whose spirit lives in my work.

A network of strong and beautiful women meet on the web, in the hope that the money raised thanks to the art of Mason can one day help find a cure.

“I don’t want to leave pretty pictures behind. I want to leave the impact behind. I want to do something to help others, ”she said.

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