Black Canary Brings Pain In Epic Body Paint Cosplay

Black Canary of the Birds of Prey comes to life in stunning new DC Comics body paint cosplay from talented cosplayer @ mcroft07

In an epic body painting cosplay, cosplayer @ mcroft07 brings one of DC Comics’ most iconic looks to life, as she becomes the Black canary in an incredible transformation. The talented artist captures the classic costume of the hero Birds of Prey in a comically accurate cosplay featuring Black Canary’s infamous leather jacket, corset and fishnet leggings. The cosplay costume is made entirely of body paint which is mind boggling considering the level of detail displayed.

In the comics, two heroes are known as Black Canary. Dinah Drake’s Black Canary is one of DC Comics’ longest-standing heroes, first appearing in Flash comics # 86 in 1947. This version of the character played a key role in the Justice Society and the Justice League of America. Drake’s daughter Dinah Lance would debut in the late 1960s and become the most popular hero at the dawn of the Black Canary mantle. Lance had a Canary Cry similar to his mother’s and would develop a romance with Green Arrow, who would become one of the best couples in comics. The New 52 attempted to merge the two versions into one character, but the retcon was then reversed. Lance had a Canary Cry similar to his mother’s and would develop a romance with Green Arrow, who would become one of the best couples in comics.


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@ mcroft07 shared his take on the Birds of prey The DC Comics hero on her Instagram page as she recreates one of Black Canary’s poses. The look brings together the classic elements of Black Canary’s costume, including her gloves, leather jacket, corset, fishnets and collar, all made from body paint. The look is perfect with a blonde wig and makeup, including eye-catching red lipstick. At first glance, it’s not obvious that the costume is all body paint, which is honestly the best compliment that can be given to the creative ensemble.

The Black Canary look isn’t the first amazing @ mcroft07 cosplay we’ve featured, as she put on some amazing body paint costumes, including an explosive version of the X-Men’s Dazzler, a fantastic version of Wonder. Woman and a stunning recreation of Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. We can only recommend that you check her creative body painting work sufficiently.

Black Canary’s look might not feature armor or alien traits like some of her previous cosplays, but that’s what makes him so impressive. The look is impeccably detailed, but its precise comic simplicity makes the Black canary body painting stands out. It’s ripped straight from the pages of DC Comics.

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