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WHEATFIELD — Iran Floyd’s commitment to the Kankakee Valley School Corporation is unmatched.

He served 57 years as an administrator, with many of those years — he said he would have to do the math — in Kankakee Valley. He was first superintendent at KV from 1984 to 1986, left for a job in North Miami and returned to KV in 1988 before “retiring” in 1995. He actually joined an acting weapons program fired and returned to the company four years. more times over the next 20 years as Acting Administrator.

Current superintendent Don Street said of Floyd: “He is dedicated to KV. Definitely a Kougar through and through.

In honor of his commitment, Pat Kopanda of the Fairchild House committee approached the school to create a sculpture dedicated to Floyd. It would be designed and created by KV high school students and placed in the Iran Floyd Administration Building, located across from the KV Middle School building on National Road 10.

To kick off the project, high school art teacher Josh Smith asked students to create mini-sculptures, with the best one receiving a $100 gift card. Grace Brennan was named the winner for her spiral design, and welding teacher David Hass asked his students to build an eight-foot metal sculpture to reflect Brennan’s creation.

High school science teacher DJ Sterrett provided an engraved plaque to place in front of the sculpture, which will be moved to the front of the company’s offices once a water project is completed there and a foundation concrete can be poured, said Andy, a member of the Fairchild committee. Andree.

A donation from the Jasper Foundation helped cover the remaining costs for materials needed for the project, Andree added.

The son of longtime West Lafayette company superintendent William Floyd, Iran began a career in education as a teacher at Lake Station. He took a leave of absence to join the Indiana Police Academy and returned to Lake Station while working for the Highland Police Department. He also worked several years with the Stark County Sheriff’s Department, mostly patrolling during the summers.

His first gig as superintendent came at Caston. He was there in the late 1970s, early 1980s before moving to the KV School District to serve as superintendent. After retiring from KV, he served as acting administrator at West Lafayette, North Newton, North Judson, Mill Creek, Hebron and Lake Station – a total of 17 stops in all.

After serving in a few places, Floyd — the 1991 State Superintendent of the Year by the American Association School Board Administration — found himself returning to the KV school district.

“As a longtime educator and figure in our community,” Andree said of Floyd, “he continues to volunteer today wherever there is a need.”

Currently, that need is Wheatfield Elementary School where he volunteers as a vice principal.

“I do the toughest responsibilities,” Floyd, 81, said with a smirk. “I unload cars and buses and do lunchtime.”

Joining Floyd for a high school sculpture unveiling on May 16 was his son Joe Watson from Fulton, Indiana, and Tammy Nollen from Ohio. Floyd’s wife of 42 years, Joan, died in 2020.

Also in attendance was John “Dutch” Heerema, a longtime school board member who worked with Floyd for several years.

Floyd appreciated everyone involved with the project.

“It’s definitely a shock, I’ll tell you,” he said. “I really appreciate this. Everyone did a great job putting it together and I want to thank the high school students for their design work and the welding class for the welding and Mr. Hass for leading the students .

Students who worked on the project included Connor Halaburt, Drew McLean, Cole Solomey, Caleb Swallow, Kurt Kros, Max Lustig, John Voris, Luke Ritchie, Matt Gallow, Henry Hase, Donny Paulus and Hayden Williams.

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