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When anxiety is at an all time high, #SelfCare should be a top priority, but that doesn’t always have to include a trip to the spa. How about an afternoon boiling clay between your fingers in a pottery workshop? For more clay magic, here’s Alex Miranda, the man we call Harry Pottery.

As you know, it’s fundamentally illegal to mention pottery without making a joke on that sexy scene from the movie “Ghost,” but a clay class we found in Fort Lauderdale is more comical than romantic, and it will lift you up. really morale!

Find? Spirits? Phantom?

Need a break from all this?

At the Mingo Makes It Pottery Studios in Fort Lauderdale …

Domingo Olavarria, Mingo Makes It Pottery Studios: “You connect with your inner child. There is something fun about playing with clay, about getting dirty.

Two-hour facial modeling course …

Domingo Olavarria: “These are funny sculptures. They are not too serious. They are cartoonish.

It might just reverse that frown!

Alex Miranda: “Can a beginner achieve something like this?

Domingo Olavarria: “Absolutely. “

Alex Miranda: “Do you think so? “

Domingo Olavarria: “Yes.”

Taught by local artist Benjamin Martin Levin.

Benjamin Martin Levin: “When all is said and done, it’s going to look amazing, guarantee it. “

Start by hitting the ball of clay in the shape of an acorn.

Alex Miranda: “It feels good! Hit that! “

Or, Akon. On the back, poke a hole with your thumb, then simply open it.

Benjamin Martin Levin: “You try to act like an upside-down bowl. “

Although not too much.

Alex Miranda: “It looks like a plate! We make a face!

Angie, guest: “It’s my face!


Benjamin Martin Levin: “We switch to this side and we start to work on the features: the mouth, the nose, the eyes.

And this language!

Alex Miranda: “Have you ever heard of Megan Thee Stallion? “

Benjamin Martin Levin: Yes.

Alex Miranda: “Because you know it’s… She’s going to… ‘Ahh!’ “

For the nose, he says to cut the size of a small sausage, and then …

Benjamin Martin Levin: “You just have to pinch it in the clay. You see that?”

It makes it look so easy!

Angie: “No, that looks awesome.”

Alex Miranda: “I mean, what do you think?

Now the mouth.

Benjamin Martin Levin: This is the beginning of the mouth. Anyone see that? ”

Sculpt the clay as you would a pumpkin.

Alex Miranda: “It looks like a Nike check, but do you think it will be fun? ‘Do it!'”

Some finishes and …

Alex Miranda: “It sounds so crazy but in the best way.”

Sixty dollars includes the class, materials, baking, and glazing, but the soundtrack is all you’ve got.

Alex Miranda: “And the weather can be so …”

Mingo Makes It offers all kinds of fun classes, including the famous wheel.


Mingo does it
746 NE 3rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304

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