Dinosaur sculptures exhibited at Eau Claire

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin (WEAU) – Dinosaurs lurk in Eau Claire. Artisan Forge Studios is organizing a new exhibition, “The Scraposauras”. It contains 14 sculptures of prehistoric beasts made from scrap metal.

“I think they’re just fantastic. They are a lot of fun. If you look around, it’s not just little kids who are enjoying it. There are adults, young people, old people, people in between. Dinosaurs are sort of a universal fascination for a lot of people and it’s truly a celebration of fun for everyone in the community, ”said Greg Johnson, owner of Artisan Forge Studios.

Sculptor Dale Lewis of Hastings, Minnesota, sculpted the exhibit.

He said he had been turning scrap metal into sculptures for about a decade since his retirement. He adds, he likes to admire his work but it’s not his favorite part.

“This part is cool but it’s really people’s reaction and stuff, you know.” It’s the attention he gets in other people’s smiles and things like that that I really appreciate, ”Lewis said.

Unlike other works of art, people don’t just look at the sculptures, they can play with them too.

“I love to see the kids having fun,” Johnson said. “Obviously we would issue a warning and say, you know, ‘Dinosaurs are inherently dangerous, so we have to be careful. And yet there is a part of the dinosaurs where we want kids to explore and kids need to touch and they need to feel and they need to get close.

Visitors also enjoyed their experiences with the sculptures.

“Be prepared to be amazed,” said Michael Smith.

“You have to see it to really experience it, in person,” said Tina Sheppard.

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