Drake Bell has always been a tool, starting with his rebranding as a Latin artist


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Former Nickelodeon Teen Star Drake Bell Drake and Josh, has been sentenced this Monday to two years probation after pleading guilty to child endangerment charges. There’s a long list of sexual misconduct and abuse charges against Bell, but let’s not forget his petty crimes against music, either.

The sexual misconduct charges against Bell came from a girl he met online, who said Bell started grooming her when she was 12. She also accused him of sending explicit photos of her genitals and said they started having in-person sexual contact when she was 15.

Bell has pleaded guilty to the charges, although his lawyer Ian Friedman has denied most of the allegations, including the explicit photos and any sexual contact between Bell and his accuser. During Bell’s conviction in a courtroom in Cleveland, Judge Timothy McCormick said: “Your position and your celebrity status has allowed you to nurture this relationship… You have been able to access this child. You were able to gain the trust of this child. Hope you really have remorse, I don’t know.

At Drake and Josh, Bell played Drake and actor Josh Peck played his half-brother Josh. The cast also included the future iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove.

Bell continued to perform after the show ended in 2007, but focused primarily on his music and released five studio albums. Yet he memorablely made headlines for publicly calling out his former partner Peck for not inviting Bell to his wedding in 2018.

At the time, Bell tweeted: “When you are not invited to the wedding, the message is clear. Loyalty is key. ALWAYS remember where you are from. The true colors came out today. The message is loud and clear The ties are officially severed .. I will miss you my brother.

But the couple, who had been working together since playing on the network Amanda’s show, seemed to be sorting things out publicly.

And boy, does Peck probably wish he had left the hatchet unburied.

Before Bell’s sexual misconduct accusations, the actor’s ex-girlfriend Melissa Lingafelt, accused him of verbally and physically assaulting her and, in 2020, accused her of looking for underage girls, which he also denied.

Lingafelt recently posted on TikTok a video from the Google search results of the Bell Misconduct headlines with the caption: “I’m going to pretend I didn’t tell you guys. Too bad he’s having a kid. to clean up his image does not work. ”

But seriously, we should have stopped Drake Bell when he became a “Latin” artist.

Of the whole list of dirty laundry charges against Bell, this “crime” is by far the least shocking, but it still stinks … well, it just stinks.

Two years ago, Bell changed his name to Drake “Campana”, Spanish for “bell”, moved to Mexico (although many of his Tweets had time stamped him in California) and rebranded himself as a Latin musician.

Since then he has released songs including “Diosa” (“Goddess”) and “Fuego Lento” (“Slow Fire”), which were not at all Spanish. In fact, they were the LaCroix drink in a tasty fountain of Latin music with barely a detectable Spanish flavor.

Some of Bell’s tracks, we reluctantly admit, are undeniably catchy, mostly thanks to their blatant production being marketed for Latin America. Bell tries really It’s hard to get into the authentic sound of business friendliness, but hey, it works well for Olivia Rodrigo.

Armed with mediocre music sprinkled with an occasional Spanish verse, Bell had vowed to start over in Mexico with the determination of Andy Dufresne heading for Zihuatanejo. His social media posts are now written entirely in Spanish (broken), and a Mexican flag emoji flies high beside the blue “verified” badge on Bell’s Twitter account (sorry, Campana).

In 2019, he shared what appears to be official Mexican government ID with the name “Drake Campana”.

All we can say to this güey is “No mom. “

Bell’s metamorphosis into a Latin musician is not necessarily a cultural appropriation; although it is practically, hardly, failing to wear a sombrero, does he not pretend to be something he is not nor take credit for the work of another individual or group. And, finally, if his fans have a taste for Spanglish music which is less Span than Glish, let them shower at LaCroix.

But Bell’s total immersion in Mexican culture certainly seems, to say the least, opportunistic. At the time, Twitter chuckled (as always) at Bell’s expense, uh, Campana, and assumed he had moved to Mexico as a persona non grata in the United States following the accusations of his ex.

This certainly appeared to be a culpable move out of Shawshank Redemption. Bell said he was just following his base and was simply more successful in Latin American markets. He did not move to Mexico for his complex laws regarding the age of consent.

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